Thursday, April 2, 2020

24 Things Before Turning 24

I mean would it be my birthday if I didn't write this post? I wrote the same thing last year and reading it back made me realise a few things: My blog has changed so much since then, having a toddler has made me drink more wine and Being a Mom has made me a lot more loving towards myself. So here is 24 brand new things that I have learnt in 24 years.

1.Trust Your Gut

Your first instinct is usually always right. If that's to do with what answer to put on your exam paper or what to think about the boy you're on a Tinder date with.

2.Take Risks

Just because something makes you uncomfortable doesn't mean it won't be good for you. From going on a date on a Monday night with a random guy on tinder who ended up being the guy I lived with and had two babies with. To the first time I asked for payment for an AD campaign. 

3.Practice Makes Perfect

If you enjoy something or want to be able to do something you're not very good at, keep trying because you never know it might end up being the thing you're best at. 

4.Have Bad Days

It's okay to wake up in a mood, feel crap or lie in bed all day watching Netflix. You can just write off that day and start fresh tomorrow.

5.A Hot Water Bottle Is Your Best Friend

There has never been a time in my life where adding a hot water bottle hasn't made it slightly better.

6.Bourbons Are The Best Dunkin Biscuit

Trust me, 24 years of testing has proven that Bourbons are the best, closely followed by a Rich Tea. 

7. If Your Mom Doesn't Like Someone, Take That As A Sign

Moms have super powers that after years of dealing with literal crap, has taught us who is important and who isn't worth your time. We are out there to protect you, trust us.

8.Don't Feel Guilty For Saying No

It's more than okay to not want to do something. Don't apologise for doing something for your own happiness.

9.Vodka, Lemonade & Orange Juice is The ULTIMATE pre drink-drink

Being at University for three years allowed me to try A LOT of alcohol and this glorious three is the perfect drink for when you want maximum intoxication with minimal alcoholic taste.

10.Gas and Air is Fantastic

If you want to feel like a bubble on Mars, this stuff is fantastic. 

11.It is Better To Be Yourself Than Popular

I tried for so many years to be someone else so that the popular kids at school and then university would like never worked and I was much happier being myself.

12.Size Doesn't Matter

It's not what you're thinking...well...
Being a size 16 lady has given me so much unhappiness over the years but it really doesn't matter. Every body is different and after putting myself through years of diets and workouts, it's not worth making yourself unhappy just to see a different number on the inside of your jeans.

13.It's Okay To Feel Ugly

We all have days when we just don't feel beautiful. Where our bodies feel sluggish, our skin isn't great and our hair isn't cooperating. Embrace the ugly and just get on with your day. It won't last forever.

14.Never Straighten Your Hair When It's Raining Outside

Sounds silly, but I have done this a lot hoping that it makes me look pretty when it really is a waste of time.

15.Changing a Baby's Bum Isn't Disgusting

You think this is going to be disgusting and the worst part of parenting. But take it from a woman who has been poo'ed on a lot, it's okay just clean it up.

16.Being A Parent Is Hard

It is harder than you think, in different ways to what you imagine. Hugely rewarding, but hard.

17.Sometimes You Have To Fight For What You Want

Not everything in life is easy and sometimes you really have to fight just to get what you want.

18.Giving Your Toddler A Chocolate Biscuit For Breakfast Doesn't Make You A Bad Parent

If it stops them throwing a tantrum and ruining the whole morning before it's begun, it's okay.

19.You'll Always Get Your Period When It's Inconvenient

When you're getting ready for a big date or have a nice occasion coming, you'll find that your period creeps up on you to make you feel crap about yourself. Especially when you're planning a special night with your boyfriend, oh that's when you'll get it.

20.The Big Knickers You Buy For After Labour Are So Comfy, You'll Wear Them For Months After


21.It's Okay To Drink Wine On A Monday Afternoon

Trust me when you have a toddler and a newborn and the whole country is in lockdown, wine on a Monday afternoon is sometimes the thing saving you from strangling someone.

22.Some Friendships Aren't Meant To Last

Just because you've known someone for years doesn't mean that they have to stay in your life forever. 

23.Watching Blackhead Popping Videos On Facebook When You're Anxious Doesn't Make You Weird

This really calms me down, no idea why but it doesn't make me weird. Thousands of others have liked the videos so I'm not alone, right?

24.Love Yourself.

I am beautiful, kind and passionate. I am allowed to love myself.


  1. I absolutely love this post! I always, always stick by number 1 no matter what!! Also having bad days is perfectly fine. When I was in my late teens, I really struggled with anxiety and physically couldn't go into college or work. My mum never understood and didn't understand 'having bad days or taking a day off for your mental health'. Since then, I have decided my mental health is number 1 priority no matter what anyone says! x

    Megan Elizabeth

  2. Always trust your gut feelings for sure! It is always right in my experience.

    I hope you also had a lovely birthday.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  3. aww happy belated birthday! These are all such good life lessons and I totally agree with you on the bourbons!
    Soph- x

  4. completely with you on the hot water bottle one haha! hope you had a lovely birthday x

  5. What a lovely post!! Happy 24th Birthday!! I agree about so many things.. the Bourbons, the hot water bottle!


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