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Latest In Beauty April Box Review | Gifted

One of my goals for 2020 was to get back into beauty. Skincare, Makeup, Hair care etc have always been things I have loved since a young age. Picture me aged 11 getting my hair highlighted and wanting to wear makeup and straighten my hair like my mom and my older sister. But becoming a mother really took this away from me, I didn't have the time to sit for hours trying new lipsticks or treating my hair to a conditioning treatment. But I am making an active effort to make more time for this stuff because I never do anything for me anymore. But where to dive in? Latest in Beauty are an amazing way to dip your toes in.

Latest in Beauty is a one off or subscription box service where every month you pick a few items from their long list to be sent to you. There is a mix of mens and women's products, tester sized products and full sized items and something really for everyone. This month was my first time and I am really excited to be sharing everything that I picked and received. 

There is a huge mix of popular and new brands on their site which is fab, you can pick all time favourites to try or something completely new. I have picked a mix of things I have used before and loved and new things. 

I think with a box like this it's always good to get a mix of favourites and things to try out: mainly because the new items will come in at a far lower price than what you would usually pay. So if you don't like it, you haven't wasted your money and can always gift it to someone who will like it. Living with my mom and having two sisters means there is always someone who will enjoy the things I don't. 

Just like me, If you haven't used a large variety of beauty products in a while and aren't really sure what suits you or your body: Then a box like this is great because you aren't wasting your money on stuff that you might not like and you get to try a large variety of products in one go.

They are also a great way of discovering new favs.

First off is this Topshop Lipstick. Topshop is obviously a really well known brand, but not for their makeup. I have used a few items of makeup of theirs when I was at University (shameful five years and minus two kids ago). The stuff was okay for the price so I wanted to see if they had upped their game. 

I was pleasantly surprised with this lipstick. The colour and coverage are really great, it isn't a Matt like I prefer but I knew that when I picked it. The little added shine is perfect when you're looking to 'Glow up' your face. The product isn't the most amazing when it comes to staying on your face but I can deal with having to do a top up here and there. I would consider buying this in more shades, it really is beautiful and something really different to the usual Matt coverage I am used to.

It also came full size which is wonderful seen as the box comes in at just a few pounds more than what this lipstick would cost you in the shops.

The packaging is gorgeous, I love the all black look. 

Here is a product I picked out of pure love. I have used Aussie products before and they are incredible, a brand I really stick by when looking for quality. Their shampoos and conditioners can bring back any hair to life so I was really looking forward to trying their 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner. 

My hair has been really flimsy lately. Having a baby has knocked the life out of my hair and Lockdown really isn't helping that situation at all. The Deep Conditioner worked great. It gave my hair much needed shine and made it feel really soft, without making it feel like product was left over. The feeling lasted quite a while too, with my hair feeling fab three days on. I wouldn't say I would need to use this product all the time, so a packet of five would last me a few months.

Dr Botanicals Apothecary Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask. Now although I haven't used a lot of beauty products lately, I have been wearing plenty of facemasks. Mainly because these are quick to pop on whilst I am doing other work and great for when the boys are in bed.

This facemask is not like any I have used before as it is left on the skin overnight, something I have never thought about doing. The smooth mask is applied In a thin layer to dry skin and left to skin in, then you wash off In the morning. I initially thought it would be annoying but after a while you forget it's there, it also feels great in the morning once washed off. It is a great one for people like me who don't have time for a full face cleaning routine every single morning.

This retails at £15 usually so with the three products I have spoken about already, the items are worth twice the box price already.

Shimmer Eyeshadow Stick from Evalina Beauty. This product is from a brand I have never heard of before but I have always been intrigued by Shimmer Sticks and wanted to try one for myself. I used to be amazing at eyeshadow but over the years I have lost the nack from lack of practice. Shimmer Sticks seem like a great way to get gorgeous eyeshadow with minimal effort and time: perfect for me.

The stick is really silky, the colour is stunning and the product is easy to use. 

The brown shimmer is simple and practical, As it can be worn with most outfits and looks. But the colour has a lovely lilac undertone so when you move, it reflects in the light to show off the purple and the glitter. Really beautiful. 

It has 100% made me want to try more products like this and look into the brand more.

 Okay so during Lockdown I have been washing and sanitising my hands so much, they are so dry it is crazy. Seeing the range of hand creams on offer in this months box made me really want to try one out. A practical product was needed.

I had never heard of this brand either so was keen to try them out. The hand cream itself is lovely, it takes a little longer than others to soak into the skin but it leaves them feeling great for a really long time. The Sunflower scent is really subtle but beautiful.

There isn't much I can say about this hand cream because it's a really great practical product. The size of the bottle is generous too but the perfect size for any handbag or changing bag.

Finally onto a product that I have wanted to try for a while but never knew if I should buy or not. The Nivea Q10 Power cream is to help fend off unwanted wrinkles, I know I am only 24 but I have two under two...the wrinkles will be coming soon I know it.

This product came as a sample size, which I was fine with. The pot still had a lot of product in, enough for me to try it out and see if it is for me. A product I won't be using every day but something that will be great for time to time action. It is smooth and creamy and absorbed really quickly into my skin, I haven't been able to tell just yet if it's fighting off my imaginary wrinkles but time will tell.

Overall I think this is a fab box, the price of the products really out weighed that of the subscription cost. I also loved how each month you get to pick what you want in your box, boxes i've had before pick the items for you and 9/10 you get left with things you'll never use.

It has allowed me to try brand new products and brands and discover things I otherwise might not have tried. 

This box was gifted in exchange for a review, all my opinions are still my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.



  1. So many amazing brands included in this box x

  2. Latest In Beauty have some great products and collection boxes, I love them!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  3. This is a great review and the photos are gorgeous! I love the Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner - I’ve used it for years! I will have to try the other products too x

  4. I love the Aussie hair products they are just a dream! My mum swears by the 3 minute miracle x

  5. Loved this post Leah! I love Dr Botanicals and the 3 minute mask is incredible!

    Katie x

  6. Wow this box is full of brilliant brands isn't it!! I love a mask me!

  7. So many amazing products in these! I love the Aussie stuff

  8. I love the Latest in Beauty boxes, such a good idea to try out lots of fab brands!

    Gemma Louise


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