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Loving My Mom Bod With Pour Moi | AD

My body has gone through a lot over the years. I've never really felt comfortable in my own skin, always comparing my weight and my looks to those around me. I always thought that happiness came from being a size 8 and having B cup boobs. In University I had an eating disorder that saw me balloon from a size 12 to a size 18 and back again within a few short months. Little did I know that in order to love myself I had to embrace what I already had rather than changing it.

In 2018 I became a Mom for the first time. Pregnancy had been tough on my mental health, constantly feeling self conscious and paranoid that people would see me as fat rather than pregnant. I was so scared to have my baby because I knew my eating disorder would come rushing back.

When Rupert was born in May I instantly felt like an alien in my own body. I was proud of my body for producing the love of my life but it almost felt as though I wasn't in my own skin anymore. It felt unfamiliar and foreign. My pregnancy had given my body a purpose that I had never felt before. My body almost felt empty. I had diet after diet and went through ups and downs of loving and hating my body.

But more than ever I didn't feel sexy. My relationship was deflating and I started to loose all confidence in my own skin. I was wearing my oversized comfy underwear, sports bras and ultimately let my insecurities get the better of me.

In 2019 I fell pregnant with my second baby and I had a whole new experience to my first time carrying. My body felt happy and content: my purpose had returned and I felt a sense of needing to look after myself for the first time in a long while. Not only did I need to keep myself healthy for my growing baby but the toddler I was now solo parenting.

In 2020 Ruben was born. I am now 5 weeks post party after having my second baby boy and shockingly for the first time in forever, I love my body.

I feel happy, sexy and confident in my own skin. I love every inch of my size 16 stretch mark, wobbly, cellulite body.

Let me tell you it feels good.

My fashion and wardrobe has taken on a whole new persona. I still wear the comfy underwear, the lounge suits, leggings and old pjs but I have realised that I don't have to dress like a frumpy mom all the time. I can pull the skinny jeans, the bodysuits and the heels out, I can wear what I like and not what I feel is 'Mom'.

I find dressing myself hard as I am a size 16 and have 38FF breasts. 

With Pour Moi I am able to wear sexy and comfortable clothing that makes me feel like a more confident version of myself.

Pour Moi is not just for sexy underwear: It homes a range of gorgeous pjs, essential underwear, sportswear and lounge suits. The best place to get all your confidence in one place. 

Their pjs are perfect for being at home, evenings with your partner or a girls night in. The soft white material with the lace trimmings are both gorgeous and comfortable on my Spot Woven Lace White Pjs. I feel so happy and confident in these pjs and let me tell you I am never normally one to get my legs out. The material may be thin and soft but it isn't see through, so you don't need to worry about your body flashing.

Other Pjs I Love:

Every girl needs a nude support bra. For me this bra from Pour Moi is an essential for my wardrobe, giving my the up most support for my large breasts whilst giving me comfort. Being a mom of two under two I need a bra that can keep back strain and pain away, this is a regular occurrence for me as I am having to play and carry a lot. The straps are thick and strong, helping with the weight it carries.

I realise that every bra can't be sexy and beautiful, but this gives me the ultimate confidence whilst making me feel comfortable and supported during the day. No more counting down until the end of the day when I can whip the bra off.

Other Bra's I Love:

Onto something you would have never got me wearing a few years ago. I have always wanted to be one of those women that could wear a sexy bodysuit that hugs their body: but I have never had the confidence to show off my curves and my bumps.

I absolutely love this body suit, it makes me feel so beautiful and happy. The material is very hugging without giving the sense of uncomfort. The strap is lovely and gives a little extra detail to the simple black body. These can be removed to reveal a strapless suit that can be dressed up or down. I love the diversity of this body suit: on it's own it can be beautiful and sexy but can be dressed up with a pair of jeans for a gorgeous night out look. Not only is it stunning but gives optimum support to my boobs, back and belly: giving a fitted body feel without hugging the unforgiving areas. If you're wanting to look and feel great, then this is for you.

Pour Moi have a range of Loungewear too. My favourite has to be the Sofa Love Marl Wrap The longline cardigan is both soft and comfortable, I have been wearing it none stop. Working as both a thin dressing gown and a lovely cardigan.

 Finally, onto the most beautiful item in my wardrobe. This Suspense Underwired Body gives me confidence like I have never felt before. The double layer of lace, two sets of straps and the underwire, give my boobs ultimate coverage and support. There is nothing popping out or making my feel insecure. The lace detail is both beautiful and well made. The material of the body may be thin but is very supportive and forgiving. It highlights the most beautiful parts of my and hides the bits I don't like as much.

But for someone who has never worn anything like this before, it makes me feel so empowered and sexy. The Pour Moi sets allow me to love every part of my body, bring to life the pre-mom Leah and feel happy in my own skin.

Other Pour Moi Body Suits I Love:

Intense Underwired Body

Electra Underwired Body

Opulence Underwired Body

Pour Moi has a range of beautiful clothes for all sizes and all shapes: giving confidence to all. I never thought that I could wear things like this as a size 16 woman, I didn't even think they sold things like this for women my size. I am able to feel so beautiful and wear what I like and not care about the number in the back of the clothes.

The items in the photos have been gifted in exchange for a review, all my opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer page for more information.



  1. Gorgeous photos! You look so beautiful x

  2. you look amazing - glad to see you've got the confidence to show it off gal x

  3. This post has made me smile from ear to ear! You really are an inspiration! These photos are not only beautiful but inspirational!! Those items are gorgeous and will make you feel sexy!

  4. Love this post so much Leah! You look amazing and I'm so glad you're feeling better x

  5. I love this post, you look beautiful Leah! And these items are so flattering on you! X

  6. Wow you look incredible in everything. So glad you are now body positive! Definitely need to check out this underwear!

    Katie x

  7. That body suit is so pretty! Love this post, getting comfortable in your own skin is definitely a big journey!

  8. Feeling good is so important! And you have made these look amazing !!

  9. Wowee girl, you look incredible! x

    Becca // becc4 blog

  10. You look great and more importantly, you look happy :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  11. Damn look at you!! Love that bodysuit especially. This post has made me feel so much better about myself, I've had a few crappy days feeling insecure about myself so thank you xxx

    Megan Elizabeth

  12. You look amazing! You should be so proud of your body it’s created two beautiful humans

  13. These photos are absolutely insane Leah! You look incredible! I hate my body since having Theodore, I was a skinny mini size 6 before I got pregnant and I miss having a tiny figure. Pour Moi underwear looks amazing, I’ll have to look into those body suits, they look so sexy!
    Rachael x

  14. You look absolutely amazing in all of these photos Leah!!

  15. You look incredible in these photos. I’m really struggling to love my body since having Emilia, and I hate it when I’m pregnant. I’m determined to focus more on me when baby number 2 arrives, this lingerie would be a great incentive - it’s gorgeous xx


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