Tuesday, April 7, 2020

My Current Skincare Favourites

Anyone else taken up an entirely new skincare routine just to kill the time? I feel like having a morning and evening routine for my skin helps not only fill the time but also gives my day a little more structure. 

These products aren't things that I use every single day because I find using too many products every day is damaging to my skin but all these products are amazing and lastly becoming an important part of my week.

I have found that having a good bunch of skincare products that serve different purposes to dip into is really handy and a great alternative to having a strict step by step routine. I used to have a step by step routine when my skin was really bad but now that it is under control and manageable I find that each day requires different products and it's easier for me to mix and match a bunch of products depending on what my skin needs.

UpCircle is a brand that I really love and rely on, my bathroom box is FULL of their products as I find they are not only great for all skin types but ethically perfect for the planet. Using recycled products that would otherwise be thrown away, UpCircle brings back to life your skin and the environment. 

The UpCircle Face Scrub made with Coffee and Herbal Oils is the best product for clearing out your pores, regenerating your skin and giving you a fresh base. I often turn to this product in the morning when my skin is really oily, it gets rid of all the crap in my pores and gets rid of the excess oils. It is a really great scrub. 

I also love using this after a day of wearing makeup to help get rid of the excess makeup that has managed to cling itself to my skin.

The Up Circle product that has really blown me away has been the Beauty Detoxifying Clay Face Mask  for once, blackhead and blocked pores prevention. I love using this product at the end of a day wearing makeup because it is so quick acting and gets rid of all the extra crap lying around. It is really light weight and makes your skin feel so airy and fresh.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum is a product that I use once a week. I suffer from loss off hair due to my anxiety, when I am anxious I pull my hair out making it very thin and my hair parting really wide. I love using this product as an overnight serum on my hair line. It helps thicken your hair and is great for encouraging hair growth. It doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky or slimy like most hair serums do, it makes your hair feel soft and bouncy. A really amazing product for those wanting thicker hair.

Dermalogica is a wonderful brand that has a huge range of products for every skin type. This is the brand I used when my skin was at its worst and I am still using it now that it is better. The BioLumin-C Eye Serum is the perfect product for bringing your eyes back to life, my ultimate go-to product after a bad nights sleep looking after two young babies.

For those days with and without makeup, it is a great base and I would recommend it to anyone. Unlike a lot of eye creams, it disappears into the skin so if you're planning on wearing makeup, it won't disturb the products that are placed on top.

Flexitol Foot Foam is a really weird product to add to this I know, but it is a really amazing product that I have been using morning and evening for around 6 months. By using a tiny amount of foam on your feet twice a day, you can moisturise your feet and get rid of any dry and itchy patches. A lovely product for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Dermalogica again, with their Skin Smoothing Cream. This is a product that every person should own. The moisturiser is fantastic for multiple uses: Not only is it great for those super dry skin days but it gives a wonderful natural glow to your skin for days when you don't feel like wearing makeup.

The lightweight cream is super hydrating and a little goes a really long way. It truly is one of those products that I could rant and rave about all day everyday because it is such a key part of my everyday. It is my top pick skincare product.

Some of the products in this blog post have been gifted. This is not a part of any collaboration and all my opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure page for more information.


  1. Flexitol is such a wonder product, I get awfully dry skin on my feet (ugh, I know!) and it works so quickly on them... haven't tried this foam though!


  2. Never tried a Dermalogica product that I haven't liked x

  3. Love the packaging for Up Circle, I am going to have to check them out. Oh and the Dermalogica Smoothing Cream is gorgeous, I adore that product.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  4. I love the Dermalogica products but haven’t tried anything else! The foot foam sounds interesting- I’ve never tried anything like that.
    Soph- https://sophhearts.com/ x

  5. I'm dyingggg to try UpCircle! their products look fab x

  6. I realllly want to try the UpCircle!! The foot foam also sounds incredible!

  7. The face scrub sounds gorgeous, I love using scrubs as they make my skin feel like new!

    Gemma Louise


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