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Nuby Penguin Nursery Collection Review

Let's face it, when you have kids your home becomes this big ball of mess and colour. Forget that colour scheme you have going on in your home, because when you throw your children's toys into the goes out of the window. It is really hard to find stylish toys and play items for your babies.

I was kindly sent some of the Nuby Penguin Nursery Collection to review, with Ruben being so young I snapped up the opportunity.

When Rupert was one month old, we started introducing him to things such as his play bouncing chair and his play mat: These are great at capturing their attention, keeping them occupied and mostly helping them with their sight and visualising shapes. Rupert loved his so much and would spend hours in them right up until the age of 9 months. However, they were such eye sores: I hated having them in our living space because they just threw off the whole room. Bright yellows, reds and greens just didn't do much for our home and as soon as he was done playing with them they were given away to friends.

The Nuby Penguin Play Mat is probably my favourite thing that we have for Ruben. Not only is it gorgeous but it is really well designed, comfortable and easy to put away.

The circular mat is well padded and soft, perfect for keeping your little ones comfortable and safe. The mat then has a thicker grey padded ring around the outside, keeping your baby inside the mat: This means they can practice rolling without hurting themselves. It also works great as a pillow or a safe lift for their heads so they aren't just on their backs flat constantly. I know this will work well as a Tummy Time boost when he is able to hold up his head and that comes into play. 

This mat can be used on its own or you can add the play gym. The Play Gym aspect is something your little ones will learn to interact with. Ruben is only a month old so he currently just stares at the toys that dangle from the gym but come 6 months old and hell be kicking and reaching for them. This helps their visualisation and their mobility. Reaching for the toys will encourage movement, especially when they are just slightly out of touch.

The Play Gym has four beautiful interactive toys that rang from the soft padded bars: a Penguin that jingles, a star with a mirror inside, a polar bear rattle and a soft cloud. Each one is visually pretty but has aspects that will encourage and prompt your little ones to learn. 

The cool greys of the play mat are really beautiful and fit the 'penguin theme', it works really well in our home and Ruben enjoy spending his awake time in there. 

It is really important that even when your baby is so young that when they aren't sleeping you're getting their brains going. This will help for better sleeps, routines and learning. And trust me if you have older kids like I do, they will try to play with the gym too: we have recently discovered it is a great tent when a blanket is thrown over it (all thanks to my imaginative two year old).

The Nuby Light & Sound Sleep Aid Penguin is such a beautiful addition to our family life. With Rupert we were introduced to white noise and sleep aids at 6 months and by this point they didn't have much of an affect as he wasn't used to them. So this time round I made sure that we would be using them from day one to bring them into our routine.  

The Penguin has many features that will help establish a difference between sleep time and awake time, It will sooth your little ones with soft noises that mimic being back in the womb and the light will help with feelings of being safe.

The sleep aid with lullaby, heartbeat, white noise and soft light is great for those wanting to create a soft and safe environment for your little ones to sleep in, perfect for those who want self settling to happen too. We always had to rock and shh Rupert to sleep and he slept in our bed a lot of the time because being in the Moses basket often felt lonely and dark. So having the noise and light, will allow your baby to feel almost like you're with them.  It is also soft and really cute so it won't scare your baby and can act as a toy as they grow up.

The Penguin can sit up on it's own and has a velcro top, great for taking on the go. You can adjust the volume, brightness and sounds by clicking the buttons inside the arms of the Penguin, it is really easy to use and adjustable to be made perfect for your little ones needs. The Penguin also auto shuts off after 15 minutes, easing out so your baby doesn't hear it suddenly go off. Meaning you don't have to sit and wait up to turn it off and start the process again if baby wakes.

Having Rupert means that I can't be that mom who rocks and soothes her baby to sleep like I did with Ru, It is really hard work and can take hours upon hours. I was determined to make sure Ruben was a self settler, with the help of 'Puddles', as we have named him, the Penguin he is better at getting himself to sleep, knows when it's nap time because he is with Puddles and I am happy knowing he feels safe and comfortable.

And again the soft greys really tie into our home, meaning it's not another toy I am waiting to give away.

Overall, the Nuby Penguin collection is beautiful, well designed, practical and in my opinion essential for your littles ones development. I cannot wait to see how Ruben proceeds with these as he grows up and how they adapt to his ever growing and changing needs.

Other great items in their collection are:

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These items were gifted in exchange for a review but all my opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.



  1. These sound like great items, the sleep aid penguin sounds amazing! Gorgeous photos too x

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    Megan Elizabeth

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    Katie x

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    Amy x
    The July Rose

  9. These products are gorgeous. Such an amazing brand

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