Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Styling Your Home With Photowall | AD

Recently I have fallen in love with interiors, I love the way that one little thing can transform a room into a whole new space. But living with my parents means that I can't live out all of my interior dreams. However, the backroom has kind of become a space for the kids and I: Making it the perfect space for my Photowall print.

Prints are amazing, they can transform an entire space without taking over it: they're also really easy to switch and change depending on the time of year or when moving stuff around. 

Our backroom is full of toys, crafts and pretty much doesn't scream 'Me' at all. The kids have pretty much taken over and any kind of creative interior input from myself would either be ruined or taken out by my children. So I decided that the only way I would feel at home here would be with home high up prints that can't be touched by muddy fingers. 

This beautiful Freddie Mercury framed print from Photowall is the perfect thing to make this space feel more like mine. The edgy edit of my favourite singer is both a statement piece but a conversation starter. The cool colours will suit pretty much any home and is one to make your visitors jealous.

It's also a really personal piece for me too. Queen is a band that really brings my Mom and I together, we are the only people in the family who appreciates the band. We are often found singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the car, where we have assigned signing roles and harmonies practiced. A band that I want to share with my children as they grow up. So having this large print on the wall is not only pretty cool but it holds great memories and ideals.

But yes, I get it not everyone is a fan of Queen and I'm not saying you have to buy this print. Photowall is an amazing site that is filled with everything from Wallpapers to Framed Prints, Canvas' to Murals: there is something amazing for every home. 

The site is unique in their style because within their hundreds of items: are patterns, photos and prints to get the neighbours talking. To transform your home and make your space really personal and one of a kind: then Photowall is the place you need to be looking. They have styles you won't find anywhere else, so you don't need to worry about having the same print or wallpaper as all of your friends.

For those who want their product to be more than a little bit personal, you can even add yourself into the mix. Transforming your favourite photo, memory and experience into something that belongs in your home. From a Wedding, Birthday or your favourite walk in the park: Photowall can bring it to life.

Their products are really high quality and a great price too. My Framed Print is a glorious piece of art. The Frame itself is sturdy and well put together, with it even being professionally taped at the back for a sturdy hanging. The Print inside isn't a flimsy piece of paper, it is thick and foam like and would easily stand up on its own if needed.

From something for the kids, the grandparents and newly weds, Photowall has something for you.

Use code 'Leahhiggins25' for 25% off your first order.

This was a partnership with Photowall, All my opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer page for more information.



  1. Absolutely love your choice of wall art. This sort of decor is so key to putting your stamp on your home and I love it!

  2. I have recently ordered some prints for my room too, I'm excited for them to arrive! Love a bit of Queen!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  3. I love that print, love the retro feel of it!

    Gemma Louise


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