Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Things To Do During Lockdown With Young Children.

Lockdown is pretty difficult I must admit, We are lucky to have the sun shining though. But having two under the age of two means that I can't take this time to take up a new hobby, learn Japanese or write a novel. It means I have to spend my time constantly thinking of the next craft project and thinking 'Is it nap time yet?'.

So here are some really simple things you can be doing during Lockdown to keep your kids entertained. Might I add Pinterest can be your best friend during this time. I have found so many craft ideas on there the past few weeks, you can make anything out of anything: great for when Hobbycraft is shut and you only have toilet roll empties and empty milk cartons for supplies.

Pop up Tent

Pop up tents are fantastic for when you want to entertain your kids for a few hours. You can get them online for really cheap and they can be used no matter the weather. We love filling ours with blankets and pillows and having a camp out, movie night, playing outside and can really keep the little ones imaginations going for a long time.

Themed Meal Times

Having a routine with your children during lockdown can be really difficult, but essential if you want to keep your sanity. Having a clear line of when meal time is, snack time, nap time and bed time: especially if you're home schooling having a routine will keep a clear line between fun and learning.

But switching up those key elements can inject lots of fun into your day. Having a themed evening, indoor and outdoor picnics, make your own fajitas, dressing up, tapas style meals or buffets. These can all switch up your meal times and make them more fun and last a lot longer.

Having dress up evenings where you pretend you're going to a restaurant but in your own home, making menus and dressing the table gives the kids something to look forward to, plan for and it's really fun.

Movie Evenings

Weekends don't really mean much these days, they are just the same as every day in the week. So a great way to bring some weekend excitement to your Saturday and Sundays is to recreate what you would be doing but at home. A lovely way to do this is to have a home cinema. This is really easy: bring your blankets and pillows downstairs, get plenty of snacks and watch a movie on your TV, Laptop or device and if you have one, project onto your wall.


Baking is a very simple way to keep your kids occupied. If you're using a cake mixture or doing it from scratch: it is a short process that won't loose your kids attention. Decorating and eating is also a fab exercise for them to get involved in. This idea can tie in nicely with the themed evenings: your kids can make the cakes to serve as part of your meal, making them feel involved.


Again this is something really simple but is a great way to keep the kids entertained and can create a burst of imagination when you incorporate household items. Toilet roll ends can be made into rockets, milk cartons into elephants and juice cartons into bird feeders.

If you're feeling generous, doing paintings and posting them to loved one, neighbours and the vulnerable in your area is a lovely gesture to be shared.


You might as well get something out of having the kids at home for such a long time, rope them into all the projects you've had waiting for a long time. Gardening is great one for them to get into: finding creatures, exploring the garden, planting their own seeds which they can watch grow over the lockdown and look after, watering the plants, clearing the weeds and learning about flowers. It is a lovely one to get them involved in as it creates a job and responsibility in the garden that they have for the rest of the lockdown.

Parks and Woods

If you do decide to go on a walk then going to a local park or wood is a nice way to burn the kids energy and get their minds ticking. Making a tick list can add a little extra element of fun to your short walks. A tick off list such as: tick off when you see a cloud, tick off when you see a rainbow in a window.

Pirate Map & Hunts

Creating a scavenger hunt for your little ones is a great one to kill time, Egg hunts aren't just for Easter either. Make a map of your home or garden and hide hidden gems, sweets or toys or vouchers like 'extra ten mins on the tablet' which they can use any time. Let them explore and find them or even send them on a hunt with riddles and clues to get a prize at the end.

I love this idea because if you have older kids you can leave them in charge of making the map and hiding the prizes, they can write the riddles and its a nice way to incorporate education into their activities.



  1. So many great ideas here, I might do a themed meal and movie night for myself! x

  2. There are some fab ideas here! I will have to dig out our tent for the garden, I’m sure the girls would love it! X

  3. Lots of great ideas here and I don't have any children! Hope you're keeping well.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  4. themed meal times are such a good idea! hope you're all doing okay love x

  5. Oh such fab ideas. I love the themed meal times idea. So cute for adults too. Love seeing photos of you and the boys!

    Katie x

  6. These are some great ideas! I don't have any children yet however my sister has been doing everything imaginable to keep my little niece entertained throughout all of this!

  7. You are doing such a good job with your little ones, I don't know how people do it! I can barely look after myself right now!

  8. So many great ideas in this blog. I love to see what you get up to with Rupert

  9. I bought Ru a pop up tent and it's fab for cosying up in on a sunny day to keep out of the shade.

    Gemma Louise


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