Friday, May 1, 2020

Finding beauty in Becky's Boutique Jewellery | AD

For anyone who knows me I am a huge fan of jewellery. Over the years my style has changed from having a huge collection of fashion jewellery, a new piece for every outfit I owned: To refining my items to key pieces that be dressed up and down, worn to every and any occasion and can add beauty to any outfit.

I have always found rings a lot harder to incorporate into my looks. I can never find items that are both comfortable and stylish at the same time. For me I like jewellery that is a lot more simple because items that are too detailed can take away from what you're wearing too much.

The beautiful pieces from Becky's Boutique Jewellery are my favourite by far! The unique, simple style compliments my tiny hands and brings beauty to my outfits.

Being a mom means that I am always dealing with toys, gunk and dirt. The rings are very easy to clean and maintain whilst also being comfortable to wear during my day to day life.

The Beaded Ring is a beautiful piece of jewellery that is a great addition to your collection. The intricate detailing is so pretty that it gives the ring an essence of beauty and uniqueness. The ring itself is thin which makes it comfortable to wear and perfect for stacking with other items of jewellery. It can be worn alone and worn with others.

The Wide Hammered Band is my new favourite item of jewellery. The ring is a statement piece that is so simple in its detail but makes a huge statement. Again, this item can be stacked alongside other rings or worn on its own. The thin band is very comfortable, easy to wear and clean. The detailed engraved pattern is gorgeous and catches beautifully in the light. 

They are my new everyday rings: worn with loungewear, jeans and dresses.

Becky's Boutique Jewellery have a range of different items of jewellery from Necklaces to Earrings perfect for treating yourself or spreading some kindness during this time. There is something for everyone, all ages and styles. If you're looking for something equally gorgeous and wearable then this is the place to go. 

Favourite items:

The Bee Stud Earrings are both beautiful and wearable, the simple style can be adapted to any style or outfit and I know it would be loved by all generations. What I love most about these is that they are really adaptable for work environments as they are so small and delicate.

Personalised Trio Disc Necklace is the absolute perfect gift for you to send someone during lockdown. I love the simplicity of the item but the personalisation aspect can make it really special. Having the initials of your loved ones on a necklace is a beautiful idea as it means they are close to your heart. Great for grandparents, mothers and friends.

Halo Stud Earrings this is the most gorgeous generational piece of jewellery, loved by all ages and styles. This would be beautiful worn at work, out for the day and on special occasions. 

Items have been gifted in exchange for a review, all my opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.



  1. I love these pieces! The bee stud earrings I think are one of my favourites and I love the simplicity of the rings ❤️ Think I might have to add to my wish list or treat myself!

  2. Beautiful jewellery! I love the disc necklace!

  3. Oh wow!! So pretty. I love stackable rings. Definitely going to check this brand out!

    Katie x

  4. These rings are absolutely gorgeous - I want some simple ones just for stacking and these are perfect!


  5. These are gorgeous! I might need to purchase

  6. What beautiful rings! I love simple silver pieces like these.


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