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Limited Edition Astrology Box from Roccabox Review | AD

Who doesn't love a subscription box? Well, if you don't know what they are then where have you been for the last few years? These days you can get a subscription box for everything, from alcohol to clothing to my favourite, the beauty boxes. Roccabox Is just that: the women's beauty subscription box delivers boxes adapted to you to your doorstep every month.
If a monthly box wasn't enough: Roccabox currently have a limited edition box out in the theme of Astrology that you can order to your door. If you're looking to treat yourself, then here you go.

Why are subscription boxes so good? These monthly deliveries are great for those looking to try new things and not splash the cash in the process. The contents of the boxes generally out weigh the cost of the subscription service. With Roccabox one box costs £10 and the products cost together more than four times that, all full size products too so you aren't being fobbed off with tiny samples.

The Vitamasques Hydroglow Cream in Gold is a wonderful addition to the Limited Addition box. Vitamasques isn't a brand I have heard of before so I was keen to get into the product and find out more. The product itself retails at £25.99 which is a little more than what I would ever pay for a new product. The rich 2 in 1 product is both a moisturiser and primer which is perfect for my combination skin. I have never used a product containing gold before so this was something really new for me to try out. With the illuminating gold extracts, the precious metal is suppose to stimulate the skin cells and bring more elasticity to the skin. 

After only using it for a week I can confirm it is a great product to use, I have loved using it as a primer under my makeup as it gives a certain under lined glow. This is a lovely product that I am excited to use more over the coming months. The tube is a very generous size and would definitely think about purchasing in the future. 

Jade Roller virgin right here, I have never understood what they are or what they do. I have never thought about buying one because I honestly just didn't see the point but I have always been curious. The Mélusine Paris Magic Jade Roller retails at £16.49 and comes in full size. The gorgeous green marble is heavy and feels very expensive. 

Known as a dream stone, jade smoothes the mind and body bringing peace and tranquility. 

A Jade Roller reduces pores, dark circles (which I have plenty) and leaves your face smooth and radiant. This tool has become a huge part of my end of the day skincare. Allowing me to really work in my moisturiser and feel more peaceful before bed.  Also it is really pretty. 

I mean who doesn't love a good face mask? Another product from Vitamasques is their Gemstone Sheet Mask in 'Ruby'. Designed to provide serenity within skin care and is infused with geranium essential oils renowned for reducing the symptoms of anxiety. The sheet retails at £5.99 and creates a natural glow. I used this sheet mask the other night and whilst I don't believe products can get do much in the way of anxiety and depression, it did make me feel immensely calm.

I find makeup within subscription boxes can be very hit or miss, but for the overall price of the box it really is worth it as you can come across some really great items you probably never would have tried before. The In Your Dreams Glitter Highlighter Cream in DÉJÀ VU' isn't something that is really for me but it retails at £12 making the product more than the box alone. The highlighter is creamy and gorgeous when applied to the skin, however glitter isn't really for me but has found a lovely home with my friend so it hasn't gone to waste. 

Not much I can really say here but one perk of these great boxes is you tend to get lovely little extras to perk up your day. Horlick's is a great brand that I have bought from lots over the years so this was a ray of sunshine to receive in this parcel. Retails at 35p.

Now to finish with the star of the show itself. The Beauty Crop 'Sungazing' Eyeshadow Palette retails at £20, making it worth twice as much as the box. The gorgeous palette is really up my street, the beautiful autumnal and starry shades are something I am always drawn too but the glitters make it unlike any other I own. Also it isn't some shitty palette that has been thrown into the box but a really high quality product that has found a nice home with me. Again a brand I had never heard of but am really keen to see more from them.

Overall this box is really great, admittedly not every product was for me but five out of six isn't bad at all. The price of the box is really well priced and you get way more than your value for money within the contents.

This box was gifted in exchange for a review, all my opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer page for more information.



  1. Never really been interested in subscription boxes but this one looks good

  2. I’ve never had a subscription box either! There’s too many to choose from but I love the idea! Xx

  3. This looks like a nice box, I must admit, it is one I have never really looked at before but I'll go and take a peek now! :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  4. All these products look so good! It's not something I've looked into but I reckon I'd use all these! Very intrigued by the jade roller.

  5. I’ve never really understood Jade Rollers either but they sound fab and this box sounds amazing. So many lovely products xx

  6. I love a good beauty box. That eyeshadow palette looks beautiful!

    Katie x

  7. Some real treats in here!

  8. Wow this box is absolutely jam packed isn't it! And any box that comes with hot drink sachets and you're onto a winner!

  9. I've never heard of this box before! That palette looks amazing, super pigmented! x

    Megan Elizabeth

  10. That eyeshadow palette is stunning, I LOVE the colours!

  11. I LOVE a beauty box! The palette looks so good!

    Rachael xx

  12. Roccabox always smash it don't they! So good x

  13. I'm on the hunt for a subscription box! That jade roller looks amazing, I bet they are lovely on your face when its hot!

  14. I'm obsessed with my jade roller, that one is gorgeous!

    Gemma Louise


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