Thursday, May 14, 2020

My Post Lockdown Bucket List

Let's face it, nearly seven weeks into lockdown and we've all fantasised about what we will do when it is all over. From the little things such as hug a loved one to the big dreams of holidays abroad. I have seen lots of people projecting the idea of a bucket list and I wanted to jump on board. So when things are 'normal' we can take more time to enjoy the things we weren't able to do for a while.

1. Hug My Nan
So simple but during lockdown I have really missed my family and my Nan in particular. She lives alone but has always been such a social person, I know just popping round for tea and lots of food would mean so much to us both. I realise now I don't visit her as much as I should and from now on that'll change.

2. Go Out For Dinner and Cocktails
Being pregnant for nine months and then a lockdown happens as soon as you're able to have a girls night wasn't the happiest of times. I just want to go for some food and have a drink with my mates.

3. Have A Night Out
Okay, slightly levelling up from dinner and drinks to a full night out. I want to get drunk, make a mess of myself and pretend I'm not a mom for a few hours. I mean that would be really nice.

4. Have A Day Out In Stratford
This is something that every year when it's sunny I say I will do and I never do. It is such a beautiful place to go and I know the boys would love it, so instead of putting it off like I normally do I will take myself for a nice day out.

Something I actually haven't done for a really long time. My sisters are both hairdressers so getting a cut isn't ever an issue and I have used box colour for many years now so I am happy to do it myself. But after pregnancy and lockdown combined, I am really going to treat myself to a proper sort out at the salon.

6. Have a good nights sleep
This one sounds a little odd, but I am a single mom in lockdown with two under two. I haven't had the 'rest' or the 'time' that most people have been given during this time, I have had playdoh and cbeebies. I want someone to have the boys for the night whilst I have a full nights sleep. I want rid of the night feeds and the toddler feet in my face.

7. A Proper Trip To The Park
Trust me when I say I have seen way too much of my local park during lockdown as it is the only place I can take the boys to burn off some energy, but I have really missed taking Ru somewhere with slides and swings. For obvious reasons we avoid these things because of spreading COVID19 but I am looking forward to this and I know Ru is too.

8. Food
I just want a cheeky greasy Maccies chip in the passenger seat of the car whilst you drive home to eat the meal properly, I want a slice of cake and a cup of tea in my local cafe, I want to go for a sit down meal and I really really really really want to be able to go to the shop to buy chocolate without having to justify it as an essential.

9. Pop Over For a Gossip
I cannot wait to just be able to have a friend pop over for a pointless chat and gossip over a cup of tea. I have seriously missed the pointless conversation and laughs.

So what have you missed the most? I can't wait for people to just finally be able to spend time with my newborn baby. He is two months and people haven't seen him since he was around 4 days old. Stay Safe Everyone


  1. A night out is definitely on my list x

  2. I think our lists are very similar. Plus a coffee date with you 😜

  3. What a wonderful list! There’s so many little things I can’t wait to do xxx

  4. This is such a lovely list, sometimes it really is the simple things we miss. I just want everyone to be able to meet our new little girl when she makes an appearance xx

  5. I really need to make myself one of these!

  6. Love this! I need to make myself a list too! McDonald’s though! I had a dream about a double cheeseburger the other day and woke up devastated. I miss so much but I’m loving the extra family time and how slow everything has gone. Makes you realise how fast paced life is and to live in the moment more!

  7. I can't wait to hug my grandparents - I see them quite often but can only wave as I walk past!

  8. It's good to have something to look forward to


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