Wednesday, June 3, 2020

8 Things To Get You Through The Newborn Stage.

I've experienced the newborn stage twice now and trust me when I say it doesn't gets easier. In fact with another child in the mix, a newborn baby can make things really difficult. From the exhaustion to the change of lifestyle, having a new baby can really switch things up.

It's not impossible, having a newborn doesn't mean things just can't happen. It just means everything becomes a bit of a fast juggle. The things you used to spend ages on, you'll find have to be sped up.

I know that every baby is different and every situation is unique but here are some things I have learnt that have really helped with both new born stages in my boys.

Try to establish good habits early.

If this is a feeding routine or sleep habits: It is good to get these things going from the start. With Rupert we held him for every sleep in the first few weeks which meant as he got older and his dad went back to work, I spent pretty much all day every day cuddling him to sleep. I don't regret holding him so much but it did make getting things done when I was alone very difficult.
With Ruben I started from a few days old, putting him down for naps and soothing him to sleep in his basket at night. It has established better sleeping and we still get lots of cuddle time in.

Try to establish a feeding routine where your baby has a bottle every so often, for Rupert it was every three hours but with Ruben he goes every two hours. This is obviously adaptable and can be changed if your baby wants less or more if they're hungry. But this will help especially when you want to go out, you can plan travelling etc around bottles and won't be caught off guard if you're just setting off and baby wants more food. This will also help as they get older and have more of a set nap routine.

With Rupert I wouldn't do these things because I thought he was too young but it became increasingly difficult to get him out of the habit and at the ripe age of two still has to be cuddled to sleep.

Buy a carrier or a sling.

Again something I didn't have with my first baby but have found it extremely helpful with baby number two. This is good to establish and bring into the mix at an early stage. Carrying your baby can be extremely soothing for them and allows you to have both hands free.
I have found the carrier great for when I have lots of things to do but need to juggle a baby too. Ruben has been unsettled sleep wise recently and the carrier is ALWAYS a guaranteed way to get him to drift off. Very helpful when you have a toddler wanting your attention too whilst baby sleeps.

Have a changing station downstairs and upstairs.

This was a life saver for both babies. Having a draw full of nappies, wipes, bags, changing mat and spare clothing both upstairs and downstairs means you aren't having to run around when a surprise hits.

Accept help.

I know that with the lockdown is making things very difficult but accepting help when you are offered it can help both you and baby. Don't let your pride get in the way, you're not failing by accepting help. If your parents hold your baby whilst you have a shower or take them for a walk whilst you nap or get some work done. It has amazing mental and physical implications.

Have Snacks and Drinks at hand.

Having a little basket of snacks and drinks by your sofa or bed can really be a lifesaver if you ever get stuck under a snoozing baby for a long time. This can make sure you're kept hydrated and well fed in those moments when your baby just won't let you go.
If your baby wakes a lot in the night having a drink by the bed can help you get through the night and stops you having to go up and down the stairs.

Accept the fact that it is going to be hard for a while and the house will be a mess.

You probably won't be able to do a full house clean every day, you probably won't be able to get showered and dressed every day and some days your meals may just consist of biscuits but don't let this get to you too much.
Your routine will go out the window and getting all you did before done every day will stop but it gets better. Enjoy the time you have with your new baby and see it as a great way to slow down and take a rest for a few weeks. when they're rolling around and playing independently you'll be able to do more. So don't stress as it doesn't last forever.

Have a to-do list.

So in those few moments where you are able to get stuff done, have a to-do list at hand so you can get the really important jobs done instead of faffing about. Baby brain is real and you may find you spend those moments doing jobs that really aren't important and when baby needs you again you're still left with things to do.
Having a to-do list means you can be really organised with your time and faster when these jobs need completing.

Preparing meals and Slow Cooking.

If you find you're the one doing the cooking, having meals and snacks readily prepared can avoid that biscuit diet. I am not saying you need to be on a diet at all but having meal plans and prepared, means you'll make better eating choices that can keep you energised during the exhausting times. I used to have frozen fruit in the freezer with spinach which I would quickly blitz up to make a smoothie, I would be getting a good dose of the good stuff asap in the mornings which would help me through the day. Having things like potatoes in the house meant I could put the oven on low and have a jacket waiting for me when baby was ready to leave me for a few mins so I could eat. Using a slow cooker meant I could put dinner on in the morning before his dad left for work and dinner would be ready for when he got home, without me needing to touch it all day.

You can batch cook on the weekend, which gives you meals to enjoy in the week if you find you just don't have the time to make something.

But just remember to enjoy every stage as it happens. Trust me they won't be small for long and they'll get bored of the endless cuddles. Good luck x


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  2. Definitely taking some of these on board for when baby number 2 arrives xx

  3. I’m planning on cooking and freezing some meals before this one comes so we don’t end up eating junk. I want to buy in some healthy easy to grab snacks as well so I’m not reaching for chocolate 24/7! I have a wrap and plan on wearing baby if I need to so I can still get stuff done! Caitylis x

  4. I really needed the up and downstairs changing station! I need to invest in a caddy! I found having a sling so helpful when wanting to jobs around the house!


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