Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide.

Here we go, another year: Another Father's Day. If your Dad or Partner are anything like mine, then you'll have no idea what to buy them. There is only so much you can buy someone especially when they keep repeating 'I don't want anything'.

I find men really hard to shop for. There seems to be a lot of thing out there but it is really hard to find something that is perfect for your special man. With women there is so much choice and a lot of independent businesses that create beautiful gifts. For men there is a lot out there just very hidden.

Luckily, there are a lot of amazing companies this year that are trying to make it a little bit easier for you to spoil the men in your life. From cards to grooming: Here is a fully run down of my best picks this year.

Lucy and Lolly If you're buying for the old man or buying on behalf of your children, then Lucy and Lolly is the best go-to company for your cards. The independent business creates amazing handmade and unique designed cards. The lovely cards have the most amazing little twist which is a gift in itself. 

The cards have little engraved beans that can be planted. Simply follow the instructions on the back of the cards and within days your plant will emerge. This is a really lovely little detail that makes the card in itself really simple yet effective.

Also they have some really lovely cards that would be perfect to send to the loved ones you miss during lockdown.

My favourite cards from Lucy and Lolly:

When it comes to Father's Day a great way to give your loved one a truly amazing gift is to give them something personalised. Not only does it make it unique to them but it also shows how much you love them by taking the time to make the gift.

Funky Pigeon is an amazing site where you can get your cards and gifts personalised. There is a huge range of products on offer from mugs to balloons, chocolates to socks. These amazing gifts are easy to make your own online, ordering them is easy and they are all delivered to your door within a matter of days. 

This Father's Day I ordered Harry a personalised Apron to go alongside his new venture into cooking more. The Apron was really easy to make online and will be loved by Harry. It means that he gets to wear it throughout the year, when baking and cooking with the boys. 

I think a great way to commemorate any day is to frame a favourite photo to keep in your home forever. The amazing Best Daddy block has my favourite photo of Harry and the boys inside. It is a great personal twist on a standard photo frame. Also let me tell you how much Ru loves shaking it to see the glitter move.

Other items from Funky Pigeon that are great for the big day:

If you're looking for the most perfect gift to show how the amazing bond between child and father then look to Hooray Heroes 

The books are very easy to make and allows you to make your own characters, from freckles to glasses and beards to eye colour: every little detail is available. I was able to make my own little cartoons of Harry and our little ginger. From their race to their gender: Hooray Heroes is very inclusive and gives way to make sure your cartoons look exactly like your special little one. There are books available that include both parents and multiple children.

To make the book even more personal, you get to pick up to two different beautiful stories and illustrations to fill the pages. The stories incorporate your cartoons, so every single page is yours.

It is a great way to show the love between father and son. It is something they love reading together and is a present that will age with them.

Alcohol is always a great gift for your special man. If this is the main gift or a little something to accompany the bigger present, then it is always a hit. This can be their favourite drink or something they can keep in the cupboard for a really special occasion. It doesn't have to be alcoholic either, there is so many amazing mocktails or soft drinks that are full of flavour and fun.

Online stores like Pro Cocktails will deliver cocktails, glasses, condiments and shakers to your door. This is something really special that will have your man smiling from ear to ear.

Online drinks:

Grooming for Father's Day gives you an opportunity to spoil your special guy, top up on their favourites or get them something they've always wanted to try. There are some really great sets and products out there for men these days, there is more than just shampoo and gel. 

From brands such as Gillette to Bull Dog, there are some amazing low cost brands out there for you to pick from. Most of these are readily available in your local supermarket too, so you don't have to worry about delivery times. You can get some really nice gifts without making them feeling any less manly.

Bull dog is a great brand that has all types of skincare and hair care available from around £4/£5 each, with gift sets available too. The products are really good too so you're getting a lot more bang for your buck. 

Bull Dog Gifts:

Other brands to try out:

Other amazing gifts that are perfect for the big day:

This post includes some gifted items but my opinions are all my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.



  1. Luke is so hard to buy for I know how you feel! Those cards with the beans are so cute

  2. I still have no idea what to buy my dad. So far he just has a bottle of alcohol. I love the best daddy block, the photo is gorgeous x

  3. I find both Danny & my Dad so hard to buy for but there’s some great ideas here. I love the cards with the beans, Danny would love doing those with Emilia. I had no idea for my Dad but sending him one of the cocktail kits would be right up his street, he loves a good cocktail. I’m going to have a look on their site now xx

  4. Brad is quite easy to buy for but he just doesn’t end up using most stuff! I’ve got him a cheap aftershave, the same personalised book you’ve got and a huge 1K bag of pic and mix! Think he’ll like the pic and mix the best... so will I actually! Haha! Caitylis x x


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