Tuesday, June 9, 2020

You'll Always Be My Little Boy |AD

Where did the time go? It's been two years, two whole years since I gave birth to my little boy. Two whole years since I held you in my arms and two whole years since I became a mother. The most wonderful two years of my life and although you are getting older and sassier by the second, You will always be my little boy.

Becoming a Mother was paired with Harry becoming a Dad. A journey we took on together, an experience that only we know about. Something so special that no one would ever understand.

Rupert is very special to us both not only because he is our first born son but he shaped us into completely different people. Better people. But in this time we have seen him grow into the wonderful boy he is today, We now get to take on this venture again with Ruben.

With Hooray Heroes we get to experience the amazing journey we took with Rupert all over again. The personalised book allows us to poor ourselves into a piece of amazing art work that is enjoyed by everyone. The bond between Harry and Rupert is very special and now they have their adventures all in one place. 

Rupert loves to read with his dad, what a better way to read about their own experiences with their own personalised cartoons. Rupert and Daddy.

The book is very easy to make. The Hooray Heroes site allows you to make your own characters, from freckles to glasses and beards to eye colour: every little detail available to make your cartoons as on point as possible. I was able to make my own little cartoons of Harry and our little ginger. 

From their race to their gender: Hooray Heroes is very inclusive and gives way to make sure your cartoons look exactly like your special little one.

To make the book even more personal, you get to pick up to two different beautiful stories and illustrations to fill the pages. The stories incorporate your cartoons, so every single page is yours.

The moments sealed within the book are so random, yet so special to us and just like the journey Harry and I took together into parenthood...Rupert is taking on hand in hand with his dad. The book is more than just personal, it is beautiful. It holds the very essence of their relationship.
This is now one of Rupert's favourite books to read with his dad, a book like no other, that they will be able to treasure and read as they get older. 

Hooray Heroes is an incredible company that produce not only works of art but they package up little pieces of your heart and allow you to treasure them forever. I have one book from Christmas which allowed him to experience the wonder of the season and now we are celebrating Father's Day in the best way possible with our Father and Son book. 

As Ruben gets older I will be using Hooray Heroes to bring their relationship to life. 

Father's Day is the perfect day to show your special man just how much he means to you but with Hooray Heroes you can bring that magic to life every day over and over, day after day and year after year.

This book was gifted in exchange for a review but all my opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.



  1. This is such a lovely idea. I love you can make the book really personal!

  2. I love anything that can be personalised. So lovely that it can be Rupert can enjoy it but also Harry. A gift to keep forever x

  3. I absolutely love the look of these books, the illustrations look amazing and it’s great how you can truly personalise them. I think Emilia would love them so I’m definitely tempted to add them to our Father’s Day gifts xx

  4. Loving seeing these books around at the minute! We have one and I just love it. I love how personalisable the characters are! Caitylis x x


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