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Decorating Our New Home With Posterlounge | AD

We finally have our new home, something that has been waiting in the shadows for nearly a year now. I cannot explain how lovely it is to have our own space, our own routine and have the adventure of decorating ahead of us. The best thing about the new house is each room is destined to have its own style.

Our new home is such a blank canvas: something I am excited to dive into and make our own. I have so many gorgeous ideas for the boys rooms and the master bedroom is something I am able to really put our stamp on.

Living with my parents the past year has been wonderful but it meant the space wasn't ours and we lived amongst their taste and not ours. I have been itching to get my hands into decorating.

I am surrounded by boys. Living in a house of three boys means I am finding it hard to get my little sprinkle of pink. But trust me when I say, I am getting some womanly touches in. 

One way we are making our new home personal to us, is by decorating with gorgeous prints. Poster Lounge is a wonderful site which allowed us to choose stunning prints that really worked within our family, frame them and get them sent to our new home in time for decorating. 

Not only are they truly unique and brilliant prints but the quality is so high. 

We opted to have all the prints in our room pre framed by Posterlounge, this just means they framed them for us and they were sent in the frames. We then didn't have to think about buying frames elsewhere with the correct sizing etc. It makes the process so much simpler. 


You pay for the quality. But in this case you are paying a lot less than other sites for really amazing, beautiful prints to bring your home to life.

I don't think this site is expensive at all, we managed to get two large prints for Rupert's room for around £20 which is very good. The quality is amazing too, these will last years and work perfectly for passing onto my nieces and nephews when Ru grows out of his 'Shark' phase.

When paying for prints to be backed or framed it is more expensive but you are paying for the craftsmanship and the additional product. For example the frame could easily be used for years with alternate prints within in when and as your style changes. 

Prints above:

Sizes and Frames:

I selected the prints in three different sizes to create a wonderful set above our bed. All the prints are available in seven different sizes from 13cm x18cm to 120cm x 170cm: the prices vary depending on the frames, backing and print. However, The our large print at 50cm x 70cm came in at around £45 with the frame which is a very reasonable price. 

The prints are available with different backings so if you're after something a little different then you have the options. I loved the classic thick paper print within a white wooden frame but there are others you can pick. (The below are a rough estimate at each price for a backing/frame but it varies depending on print).

Premium Poster: £5.95
Acrylic Print: £16.95
Aluminum Print: £15.95
Wood Print: £16.95
Canvas Print: £18.95
Foam Board Print: £16.95
Wall Sticker: £6.95
I love how there are different options available, this isn't something many print sites do and I find it so refreshing. 

Each style is high in quality and completely adaptable for you. You can pick the size and the print and how you want it backed. You don't have to go for the standard frame like me: you can build your own style into the print. 

The Website:

The site was really easy to navigate. Although there are lost of different options for you to pick for your print and thousands of prints to pick from: It is laid out in a way for you to find what you're looking for quickly and with ease.

The site it organised into numerous categories from Artists to Room. If you're looking for something fun for the kids room then you can find them rapidly without having to sift through every single print on the site. 

There is lots of extra info in all the description boxes which means you have all the sizes and information on your product before ordering. There are no hidden extras or information missing, it is all there for you to use straight away. 

Prints above:


Something that is obviously very important is the quality of the prints themselves. Anyone can print something onto a thin bit of A4, so why pay to have these prints? 

First of all the prints are a great price for the size you get. In addition the paper is thick, strong and high quality. The ink is neat and pigmented. 

They are very professional and make any room look interesting and fun. If you want a simple print like the animals in my sons room or more detailed like the 'Girl Power' in my bedroom, you will get a very high standard print that will stand the test of time. 

The prints come either well wrapped in their frames, or in tubes. We picked the lovely Whales and Sharks for Rupert's room as he is obsessed with the ocean. We wanted to reuse old hanging frames from our first home so we ordered them as standard hanging prints. These came lovingly wrapped in a tube and were very easy to straighten out and hang. Plus they go very well with his animal themed room.

Styles and Designs:

There are many different styles to pick from as I previously mentioned but Posterlounge has many different artists and styles which means there is practically something for everyone. From old fashioned prints to more modern styles: There are designs that will never go out of style and something you and your Grandparents will enjoy. 

We were able to get something to decorate the boys rooms and our bedroom all in one place. No messing about searching different sites, paying loads of postal fees. One site, Everything in one place,  One order.

One thing I do have to add was each print came with a copyright name and number at the very bottom of the print in very small black font. This is visible on the posters but when framed is hidden. This is something to highlight if you are looking to just have a poster on its own or backed onto an unframed item. Billie Leanne did a wonderful post with non framed prints so if you want to see closer what the watermark looks like. It isn't something to worry about, just something to know.

Overall I am very happy with our beautiful prints that are not only perfect for us but allow us to put our own stamp on our new home.

Prints were gifted in exchange for a review. But all my opinions are my own.

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