Thursday, September 3, 2020

7 Things I'm Doing To Love Myself More

 Trust me this wasn't an over night thing, Nor has it been something I have completed. Loving myself has never been an option: There was always someone skinnier, prettier or smarter than me. I have had years and years of self hate: trying to make myself into a whole new person and I am so sick of it. I am who I am. From seeing the likes of Francesca Perks, SelfLoveLiv, Stephanie Yeboah and Grace Victory: I have realised that I am an amazing person just as I am. So I am on a self love Journey.


Taking More Photos of Myself

Sounds silly, but this is something I stopped doing for a really long time unless it was controlled and edited by myself. I was petrified of the thought of looking fat or unpolished. During my pregnancy with Rupert I avoided the camera: being pregnant made me look massive (obviously) but I couldn't bare seeing images of myself looking 'big'. I have a few images from my baby shower because I was forced into them. So sad that I don't have many images from that amazing time in my life. 

I am making a huge effort to take more images of myself, not just for the gram either. Photos with loved ones and everyday moments. Focusing less on how I look and taking the time to appreciate the captured love.


Taking Better Care Of Myself

At my darkest times of hating my own body, I was not only harming myself by binging and purging but I let the little things go. Things like getting my hair done, doing daily skincare, drinking water and taking time to slow down and enjoy the things I love. I was being too harsh on myself and making things worse. I know that simple things like a pamper can make me not only feel better about myself but improves my mental health. Trust being a mom of two very young boys means sometimes I don't have time to care for myself but I find every second I can to do the things that make me happy. 


Taking Time To Ask For Help

I always feel like I have to do everything myself and asking help is the equivalent to failing. Being a mom is hard but I have learnt that I am not wrong or bad to ask for help. If anything it makes me a better person and parent. 
I was someone before becoming a parent and asking for help allows that person to still be important.


Dressing The Way I Want, Not How Society Wants

For years I have hidden behind huge tops, jeans and jumpers because that is what is expected of me. I have always wanted to wear skirts, crop tops and dresses but I didn't think I could unless I was skinny. But why should I stop myself dressing the way I want? If I am comfortable and happy what does it matter. 


Surrounding Myself With Empowering Figures

I guess I have myself to blame for a lot of my issues. I have always followed the skinny bloggers, saw myself as someone less than them. Watching them and dreaming of when I could be like them: Holding myself back and purposely making myself feel bad. As I expressed in the into I had started to surround my every day life with positive influences. Following those who are promoting self love no matter who you are, rubs off on you and you end up loving yourself because you love them.

People like Francesca Perks have taught me to love myself and my skin regardless on the size number on my clothing. Wearing what I want to wear without fear of society, be happy with everything I have. Yes, I have stretch marks and cellulite: but why do these need to be a bad thing? Also she is hella sexy. Lingerie  and nudes are beautiful regardless of your size.

Stephanie Yeboah, is one of the most humble and kind people you will find within the social world. She has proven that hard work and kindness will help you to be the best and most successful person. 

I have actively started surrounding myself with those promoting being a good person, being inclusive and being your authentic self.


Cutting Out Negatives

There has always been this secret hidden rule that if someone has been in your life a long time you can't get rid of them, why? It's stupid. I have had a lot of being in my life who make me feel bad about myself because I am bigger or too nice or a 'blogger'. GONE. Cutting out negatives allows yourself to find happiness. If someone doesn't agree with the way you live your life, then do them a favour and cut ties.


Reminding Myself of Accomplishments

I am an educated, beautiful and smart woman with a degree in Journalism, two beautiful children and a wonderful home. A blog I am proud of and a talent that has given my hobby of creating content into a job that provides. I shouldn't let my size stop me from being happy. 


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