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Family Memories from The Perspective of Your Baby with Hooray Heroes | AD

 Becoming a family of four this year has been amazing but a complete whirlwind. When they say every baby is different they aren't lying. Out experiences from sleep to feeding has been completely different with the boys. Whilst Rupert wouldn't sleep without being held and hated any kind of veg: Ruben is an amazing independent sleeper and eats anything I give him. So it is so important to remember each child and their growth for what it truly is. With Hooray Hereos you can do just that.

Hooray Heroes is a brand that we have used multiple times during our journey into being a family. We have books to celebrate Rupert's first Christmas and Harry's first Father's Day with two kids. They are an amazing way to put yourself into the picture, because as I've said every child is different and your experience as a family will be different from the next. Having your own personalised book with your life in makes for one special gift. 

From books about siblings to the special relationship a child has with a grandparent, Hooray Heroes has a vast range of books that can highlight any occasion. We have loved buying these books for ourselves and for gifts. 

Their newest addition is the 'Diary of Baby' books. These are filled with attitude, fun and the perfect way to celebrate having a new baby. The No B*ll book (excuse me) shows you first hand the realities of family life with a baby, with the whole book from the perspective of your child. From terror meal times to screaming car journeys. This hilarious book is exactly what you need to remember your little one whilst they're still little. 

By having the entire book from a child's perspective you get a lot of humour suggesting that it isn't baby's fault that everything is a mess but mom and dads. The relatable book is personalised so you can adapt it to show the realities of your lives, making it a true Diary format. 

Some stories at first really caught me off guard but they are the perfect read for when those hard parenting days hit. Really funny to see things from the view of Ruben, especially when he can't yet communicate.

When personalising the book you are able to make it as HOT as possible from a sweet and innocent diary of your little cherub, a bit suggestive or a completely spicy insist into the little devil. This is all shown on their site with their chilli ratings, making it very clear and visually easy to construct your book.

It is a completely different book to every other book out there so if you're looking for the perfect gift then look no further. 

With Hooray Heroes you get to experience the amazing time you've had as a parent or are about to take on. The Diary book allowed us to really focus on Ruben as an individual child and see the stories which really show him off as a child. The personalised book allows you to pour yourself into every page. Not to mention the amazing art work that helps to tell the hilarous and naughty stories. 

Even though the book is about Ruben, Rupert loves to read it with us. It helps him to understand and laugh at the things Ruben does, like throwing food. It is lovely for him to see his own family life that he sees everyday but in a book.

The book is very easy to make. The Hooray Heroes site allows you to make your own characters, from freckles to glasses and beards to eye colour: every little detail available to make your cartoons as on point as possible. I was able to make my own little cartoons of Harry and show off Ruben and his amazing big blue eyes. 

From their race to their gender: Hooray Heroes is very inclusive and gives way to make sure your cartoons look exactly like your special little one.

To make the book even more personal, you get to pick the different beautiful stories that will fill your pages and illustrations to fill the pages. The stories incorporate your cartoons, so every single page is yours. 

Their new Diary books have amazing and fun pages to choose from that really speak to me as a parent. I know I am not the only parent to experience a baby meltdown in a restaurant but putting myself, Harry and Ruben literally in the picture brings all those memories back to life. That we now look back and laugh at.

You can even add your own message to the front to stand the test of time and make it, even more, your own.

Hooray Heroes is an incredible company that produce the most beautiful works of art. As the boys get older we will get their books out and look back on the amazing times, from a First Christmas to their journey into being brothers. They will be able to see their younger selves and it truly is something that will last forever. They can read these to their own kids when they're older and compare experiences. 

We will never forget our special journey as parents and what it was like because we have this amazing book to look back on. 

This post was in a collaboration with Hooray Heroes. Please see my disclaimer page for more information. All my opinions are my own and I would never promote a product I don't love. 

Photography by Photography For Little People Derek Higgins.


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