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Christmas Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

Well here we go again! It is finally gift guide season yet again, So this year will be a little different. 2020 has hit everyone differently, time spent at home and with no hope really in sight Christmas is the only thing we have to look forward to. It has almost been nine months of uncertainty and having our loved ones is so important when so many have sadly lost their lives. This Christmas I want to treat my family: even if I can't be with them. 

So, I have never done a gift guide for Beauty Lovers before. I really wanted to do one this year as beauty is something I have loved getting back into with all this free time we've had. Well with two kids as much free time as I can. But buying for a beauty fanatic can be really difficult, especially when you have no idea what any of it does. 

I have selected my favourite bits, brands and subscription boxes that will, hopefully, spark some ideas for your gifting this year. 


If you're looking for high-end makeup to buy for your loved one, then I would 100% recommend the brand Laura Mercier. Now there are products within their range, that like most makeup brands, you would need to know some insights into the person you are gifting. Knowing what their skin shade is would be a bonus but for those who don't know that much, there are items you can buy still.

The Laura Mercier Foundation is one of the best I have tried all year. The high-end foundation is great for those wanting fuller coverage, this means they want to appear with flawless skin and have things that they want to cover such as spots and blemishes. For myself, I love a full coverage foundation and most makeup lovers will have one of these in their collection. 

It is very lightweight, easy to apply and works well with textured skin. 

The Laura Mercier Translucent powder is one of the most highly recommended products out there. It is incredible for setting your makeup and leaving it feeling hydrated too. It lasts a really long time too so is worth that higher price tag.

For those who don't know what kind of items their loved one wants, you can't go wrong with a lipstick. Laura Mercier sell sample sized shades which are fab for those wanting to try a shade before making that deeper commitment. A lovely stocking filler. 

Other Laura Mercier Products I love:

IT Cosmetics is one of the better-known brands from this year. Their CC+ Cream has rave reviews from across the market. 

This is a great brand for gifting if you're buying for someone who likes a more natural look. The BYE BYE Undereye is an incredible concealer that can hide pretty much any dark circle in one dab. Not to be rude, but a lovely present for an older family member. 

I will say for this you will need a rough idea of the person you're giftings skin colour because they have a huge range to pick from. But their online visuals are amazing so it shouldn't be too hard to find a match. 

They, however, do sell the most incredible brushes, tools and sets. These would be a much loved gift for any beauty fan and the quality is amazing. So if you have no idea what to buy, then I suggest you gravitate yourself over to these.

Now the best thing about buying IT Cosmetics this year is if you're looking for a great discount then they have many amazing deals set in place for this year's Black Friday. 

Other IT Cosmetics products I love:

Perfection Face Palette £32

If the person you are gifting loves to experiment with their makeup or likes amazing quality products then I would 100% recommend Nars Cosmetics. They sell a huge range of products so you don't need to know the ins and outs of your loved ones skin tone to be able to buy them some incredible treats.

The Nars Cheek Palette is one of my favourite items: not only is it beautiful but very dimensional. I have used it for bronzing, highlight, blush and even eyeshadow. It is a really amazing set to give someone: both adventurous MUA to those who love a natural style.

They also sell a huge range of lip and eye products that are not only a great low price but really high quality. They are very well pigmented and are easy to work with. 

They also currently have 20% off sitewide.

My Favourite Nars products:

Now, these are just my Top 3 makeup brands to buy from this Christmas: But there are hundreds out there to pick from. From affordable to high end. So here are my favourite products in a huge mix of prices, styles and gifting.

Gift Sets:

High Street:

High End:


Skincare is something that is pretty much always welcome when it comes to Christmas gifting, but you have to get it right. No pressure. There are so many thousands of brands and products out there these days you never know what is right for your skin or not. So when it comes to buying for someone else, well it is going to get difficult. 

You don't want to be buying something harsh and drying for someone who deals with dry skin. So knowing a little about your 'giftee' can really help. But don't be put off. There are some great products and brands out there that do 'in the middle' and 'mild' products that are great for anyone with any skin type or age. 

I highly recommend Antipodes Honey Mask if you are buying for someone who loves skincare but doesn't have a lot of time for it. It is a really lovely mask that isn't harsh or too mild, great for if you're unsure of their skin type. It is meant to be left on the skin for 15 mins before removing. No faffing or mess. Just put it on and take it off again. 

Other Antipodes Products:

For those who want some incredible skincare products, I would highly recommend UpCircle, I have written multiple posts on them in the past as I am very much obsessed with their products. A lovely stocking filler or hamper addition. The UpCircle range is also made from repurposed goods and packaging. So you're also helping your environment by using them as opposed to other brands.

Not only that but they have something for everyone, great prices and a range of items for different skin types.

And if you're looking to buy a few products then they even have a build your own bundle section on their site.

UpCircle Products:

Hair Care:

Okay, so haircare may not be the most exciting present but they can make great stocking fillers & a practical present is always welcome. May I also add that some haircare products can be very luxurious, these can make amazing gifts. 

Pra Naturals is a wonderful brand that creates products to help repair and restore damage. This would be a lovely gift for older people or someone who dyes their hair often. We haven't been able to get to a hairdresser this lockdown, so I don't think there is a person out there that wouldn't welcome this. The Restore and Repair Hair Mask (above) is an overnight treatment to be used every now and again. So you're not signing them up to a chore they have to do every day, just a luxury use product. 

Other PraNaturals Items:

Umberto Giannini is a more well known brand that does everything from shampoos and conditioners, to fun colour treatments. If you have someone who loves to experiment with their hair then the Temporary Colour Masks would be a wonderful, availble in many colours and you can decided how soft or strong you want it, a joyful gift. It comes out after a few washes, so again you're not signing them up to anything big. 

Other Umberto Giannini products:

Hair Gifts:

Stocking Fillers:

Right, so stocking fillers can be really hard when it comes to a beauty lover. We often lean towards the higher-end and more expensive brands at Christmas when there are some amazing smaller and more affordable companies that produce some wonderful products. These smaller items don't have to be throw away gifts either. Just because it's smaller and a little extra gift doesn't mean it can't be just as welcome as the main presents. 

For all the Friends fan's out there, Superdrug currently have a wonderful Friends collection out. With low price makeup and incredible lifestyle products. This Gel Eye Mask is the perfect added extra this Christmas. Nothing cures a Christmas Hangover like a gel mask. So not only is this novelty gift a lovely yet welcomed but they will put a smile on any friends fan. The One Where You Buy The Perfect Gift.

Other Friends Gifts:

Other Superdrug Stocking Finds:

Face and Eye Masks:

Cheap, Cheerful and a Great way to end the season. After the stress of the last few months (whole year), it's nice to relax with an eye or face mask. Especially during that week between Christmas and New Year when you have no idea what day or time it is. 

The incredible Starry Eyes eye mask is something Harry and I have loved for over a year now. We use them regularly and really help to unwind after a busy day, the mask warms up during use. This heats up your eyes slightly and just puts your body into a state of relaxation. A wonderful stocking filler, plus it's something a little different to the usual eye masks.

For something cheap and easy, Superdrug have released a series of Disney Princess style face masks. These arent just for thee Disney fans, these will be much loved by any beauty lover. They are an amazing bunch of masks that work well to hydrate the skin.

Other Face Masks from Superdrug:

Other Amazing Beauty Gifts:

Thanks so much for joining me yet again this Christmas season. Hope you're all well and enjoyed reading/shopping.

Please note this blog contains previously gifted items but under no obligation to feature in this post. Please  see my disclaimer page if you want more information. There are no aff links and the prices displayed are the prices at the time of writing this post and may not apply when shopping in future. Thanks. 


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