Thursday, March 18, 2021

Living with Depression and Anxiety: 6 Things I do to Help.

 It took me a really long time to admit that I had depression. For years i was really pushing it off and trying to cope with it in ways, that were just temporary. After the birth of my second child, during lockdown one, I was suffering horrifically with depression, anxiety and post natal depression. The things that had put off the symptoms for so long were no longer working. I have now been diagnosed depressed for almost ten months. Here are six things that I do to help when things get too much. These don't make my depression disappear but help.


Now this is something I have done for years but when I had my babies this took a backseat. I am not the more athletic person ever and I really don't have the physical capabilities to do exercise properly. However, in the past few months I have started taking 20 mins out of my day to do a workout. If this be a full body intense workout or a stretch yoga session. It sets me up for the day, gets some happy endorphins running around my body and allows me to start a day in a good way. 

Going for Walks:

Now this is basically the same as exercise but one thing that has really given my days a huge boost is to go for a walk around the canals in our local area. This not only gets me out in the fresh air and sun but allows my kids to get outdoors and burn some energy off. The sun has been a massive help with this. Being able to get dressed, leave the house and get some fresh air in my lungs has been making a huge happy difference.

Drinking Water:

Depression has many bad side effects and the medication isn't the best either. I suffer terribly with headaches, migraines and feeling tired. Each day I have been trying to drink at least four pints of water. This doesn't actually do anything for my brain, well that I know of. But it helps with the headaches, migraines and keeps the bad skin at bay: which often brings on bad mental health.

Talking about my feelings:

For years I didn't talk about my feelings because I didn't think they were valid, often thinking people will dismiss them. I now find that talking about my feelings really helps. I once heard someone say 'Talking about your feelings may not solve them but it helps to say it out loud'. I find that blogging and social media has really helped, writing a caption on a photo or doing a blog like this really helps to off load all the crappy stuff I carry around. Sometimes writing a letter or something down in the notes on your phone can help take a little off the edge if you don't feel up to talking.

Listening to what my body needs:

This may be the most important out of them all. Being a mother means I can't always just drop everything to do what my body and mind needs but I can do my best to adhere to it. If I don't feel like I can cope with a full busy day, then I can work around that to give my body the rest it needs. The same with if I feel I need to get out of the house in order to be a little more sane, I will take the boys on a walk.


Having a hobby that is all about you is really important. It can be totally draining having your life revolve around others. Being a mom means 90% of my life is about my kids and my home but having something that is just for the happiness of myself is vital to survive. For me it's blogging and photography.

I hope these have helped in some way, I'd love to know what helps you.


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