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The Ultimate Skincare Guide.

 Over the years my skincare collection has grown and grown. Everything from masks to serums, oils to scrubs. I find that having such a wide collection, of products and brands, allows me to give my skin what it really needs on a day to day basis. My skin adjusts really easily to new things so something that works on day one may not work come day five. So here is a full guide to my favourite products and brands.


If there is one brand I would recommend to everyone, it would be Dermalogica. It was the first brand I really dove into when starting proper skincare. It has been around four years and it is still my go-to when my skin is in need of some real TLC. There is a massive range of products that can help with every type of skin and I haven't found a product yet that I don't love. 

This has to be my ultimate go-to product for everyday use. It is perfect for removing makeup and getting all the dirt out of your skin. The Special Cleansing Gel helps to break down any crap on your skin, including makeup, so that it is easier to remove. I like to use this to break down my makeup and then remove with a cloth and hot water. It is a quicker and more effective way than using wipes.

Pre Cleanse is a wonderful product for a morning and evening skincare routine. It helps to clean out the pores and break down any oils on the skin. This is also a great product to use to get rid of makeup during your skincare routine. I personally wouldn't use this product just on it's own as it is very oily and my skin produces too much oil anyway, I like to use it alongside the cleansing gel and daily microfoliant. However, it can be used on it's own.

If you want something that is really going to deep clean your skin than this is the best product. I love using this during my evening routine and taking off my makeup, using it after the pre cleanse and special cleansing gel. The Daily Microfoliant comes in an exfoliant type texture which helps to scrub the dirt out of your skin, getting rid of any crap that is stubborn and staying in the depths of your skin. I find my makeup can get really deep into my skin and just using the other two Dermalogica products on their own won't remove all my makeup completely. It really is a dynamic trio.

The BioLumi-C Eye Serum is one of my favourite products for makeup free days. Just using a tiny drop of the eye serum gets rid of any dark circles and brightens my dull eyes. There isn't really a lot to say about this product because it is just a really simple and effective product that requires little to no instructions. Just apply a drop, rub in and done.

The Age Bright Spot Fader is my ultimate favourite easy product for spot sufferers like myself. I really struggle with spots and acne, But I find it really hard to keep on top of all the new breakouts, especially during my period. The Age Bright Spot Fader is a lovely product which has a small applicator that you can just pop on some product on top of the problem area and go on with your day. It's simple and easy to do. I love the fact you only have to apply the product to the problem area rather than your entire face. 


Typology is one of the newer brands to enter my skincare routine. I have really enjoyed the huge range of products they have. From over night serums to face masks. 

If you're looking for a new shower body scrub then I highly recommend the Nourishing Body Scrub from Typology. It is a wonderful exfoliant like texture that foams up like a body wash when used in the shower or bath. It helps to refresh the skin and deep clean all those nucks and cracks. A melting exfoliating gel with apricot kernel micro grains to soften and nourish your skin. Active ingredients: organic sweet almond oil (nourishing), organic lavandin super essential oil (repairing).

The perfect pairing to the Typology Nourishing Body Scrub is the Regenerating Facial Scrub. I am in love with the easy to use yet deep cleaning exfoliant style face scrub. Perfect for cleaning the dirt from your pores.

A triple textural transformation to exfoliate the skin, unclog pores, and refine skin texture. Skin is nourished and smoothed and the complexion is more radiant.

Active ingredients: Plant-based squalane, geranium rosat essential oil.


If you're looking for some wonderful creams and face masks, then I suggest you head over to the Antipodes site right now. Antipodes use the most incredible and unique products to make wonderful products for your skin. My favourite has to be the Aura Manuka Honey Mask, not only does it make my skin feel refreshes and clean, but it only needs to be on for 15 mins in order to work. As a busy mom of two this works into my day perfectly. The mask doesn't dry out my skin or make it feel all tight and hard.: but leaves my skin feeling completely new.

In pairing with this the Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Eye Cream which hydrates and brings back to life your dull and dark eyes. It requires practically no product in order to work. 

"Persian silk flower blends with revolutionary antioxidant-rich Vinanza® grape seed and kiwifruit to help brighten skin in the delicate areas around the eyes. Suited to oily and blemish-prone skin types." -

I may add that since I started writing this blog I have tried the Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream from Antipodes and it is a wonderful addition to my care. I don't usually use over night products as I don't like the feeling of product on my skin whilst I sleep but it feels incredible. It is light and doesn't even feel like it's there. But allows a quicker skincare routine in the morning and brighter skin from the second you wake up.


Hand and Nails can often be forgotten when it comes to skincare, for me I know it did. The amazing Intensive Hand and Nail Cream from Ark is perfect, especially during the pandemic. It is really a great product to carry around with you and help fight dry hands, amazing for the aftermath of multiple antibac cleans and if you have to wear gloves at work. Personally I suffer with dry hands as it is so this is a lovely day to day product. It doesn't leave your hands slippery and oily either. 

A little bit about ARK for you all as I didn't know much about them before I saw them on social media and tried some of their bits out. ARK's main value is that they don't want to stop ageing but allow skin to be comfortable and beautiful in each stage. Meaning it is amazing for any age, gender and skin type. You can navigate their products by age, by skin concern and by product.

Now for those who suffer with dry skin on their bodies, if that be all year round or seasonal like myself then a product like the Conditioning Body Serum would be a great fit. This gorgeous body oil helps to keep your body soft and from drying easily. Lasting all day too, with no need for top ups. I have loved using this after the shower to keep my dry skin from hurting during the day.


The Coffee Face Scrub Herbal Blend is the perfect exfoliator for oily and combination skin. I tend to use this on days when I have worn makeup, or when I feel my skin needs an extra lift to buff away dead and dry skin. Created with repurposed coffee grounds from London Cafes, the scrub helps to fight breakouts and bad skin. 

The Up Circle brand is great for those who are dipping their toes into skincare as it is great value for money and each product practically works with every skin type.

An Up Circle product that is required by any skincare lover is the Natural Detoxifying Face Mask If you suffer with blackhead and blocked pores then this is the mask for you to prevent that. It is great for all skin types, helping to give a healthy smooth skin.

Made with the fine powder of discarded olive stones, the Face Mask is a brilliant product to keep in your bathroom cupboards for pamper evenings, much needed refreshing or every day cleansing.


I wouldn't get confused here and think that Farmologie is just for kids. For many years they have been the supplier of the most amazing children's skin brand but they have recently started their own adult range. They mainly dabble in the body wash and moisturiser (which are incredible btw). But my favourite skin product has to be their Coconut Body Oil which, similar to the ARK Conditioning Body Serum helps to combat dry skin. Now the reason I have included the both of these in here is because the Coconut Body Oil is something I wouldn't use everyday as it is, sorry for the obvious, very oily. It gives off this really lovely body shimmer effect that gives your body a real lovely glow. However, for someone like me with oily skin I couldn't use it every day but this would be amazing for someone who had medium-dry skin. An ultimate holiday product. Smells delicious and isn't greasy on the skin.

The Pink Grapefruit Moisturiser from Farmologie has to be one of my favourite ever products. It absorbs perfectly into the skin, doesn't leave it feeling slippery or greasy. Plus is smells incredible. This has to be a must for anyone. Even if you don't need it I suggest having it because it is so wonderful. 

The Farmologie range is a really great new brand that has something for everyone. If you're looking for something new to try then I suggest you look into this. It's great quality products for really cheap prices.


Okay, so here is a really well known brand that I think you have all heard of. There are so many products on offer here that I think it can be hard to navigate what you need for your skin. A really handy tip with Nivea I learnt a few years ago was that if you suffer from really dry skin, especially on your face, then using the Nivea Men's range could be perfect for you. The men's range for face moisturisers is really high quality as they cater to beard stubble. Nivea have everything from Shower and Bath products, lip care, skin care and scrubs. They practically have everything.

If I am completely honest this product is actually my partners but I do use it from time to time as it is so good. The Deep Face Mask with Black Charcoal does wonders for my skin. This is a really strong face mask that will dig deep into those pores and pull all the bad stuff off, it can be really tough on the skin so I do recommend moisturising after to rehydrate the skin. But it is extremely good at cleaning your skin of all the dirt and gunk.

If your skin is sensitive then I recommend using a Nivea product in the shower. I love using their Shower Cream Gel it is really soft and gentle on the skin and makes you feel so clean, soft and smelling amazing. You get a lot of bang for your buck here with the 250ml bottle only costing you around £1.


Let's Talk Feet. I know, I know. But keeping your feet in a good condition is really important. The Kids and I have been going on lots of walks around the local parks and canals, meaning I am putting a significant amount of pressure on my feet. Using the lovely foot sock masks from Superdrug, I have been able to keep my feet soft and from cracking. They take around 15-20 mins to work which I think is really good compared to the standard foot treatment. Available in a range of scents and lasting effects. These are great to have tucked away for proper foot care. 

A small list of my favourites:

Dr. Lipp:

Just like the regular person I am addicted to using lip balms on my lips throughout the day. They can be pretty boring and tasteless but help to combat the effects of dry lips, especially during the colder months. But why am I talking about lip balms in a skincare blog? well. The Dr.Lipp products will change your life and make your skincare routine complete. 

Nipple Balm, yes I said nipple balm. It is for your nipples...and is great at that. But it can be used for your lips too. The hydrating formula is the most incredible, long lasting lip balm that will really transform how you see lip care. Just for some perspective: When you're in labour...with child obvs...they may give you gas and air. I had this with my first child and when using it you can get extremely dry mouth and lips. The midwives will advise you to constantly drink water and use lip balm. I used this during the four or so hours of gas and only had to apply it once, maybe twice after he was born. It is incredible. It will hydrate your lips and keep them constantly hydrated for days after. I recommend this to all my pregnant friends and those breastfeeding too.

Now if you want a little something extra...Dr. Lipp also have lip balms that act as colour tints too. So, if like me, you want a day makeup free but still want to look put together then the Dr. Lipp lip tints are right up your street. They act as a regular lip balm, hydrating and heeling your lips: but also give a lovely natural looking colour to your mouth. They come in a variety of colours and will work for all skin tones. 

Other Individual products to try:

Like It On Top Lip Scrub Protection.

I love a good lip scrub, I honestly think they are essential for basic skincare. The scrub smells incredible and tastes good too (Important). It exfoliates and hydrates your lips, helping with dry and flakey lips. I also think this is a massive step that should be taken during your makeup routine, making sure your lips are ready for lipstick application is made so much easier with a scrub. This is different to the other lip products I have mentioned but would work really well alongside them. If you think about when you clean your skin, you would exfoliate and clean off all the crap before putting a moisturiser on top. This is the same as a lip scrub with a lip balm. A Lip Scrub will get rid off any dead skin, left over makeup, food etc and then a lip balm would help to rehydrate them.

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

An all-natural multi-purpose balm made from six of nature’s moisturising and healing ingredients. This product is cruelty-free. I have tried hundreds of skin creams over the years and find that because my skin has patches of either dry or oily skin, an all purpose cream may cut out the fuss of using different products on different areas. This is a wonderful cream for someone as I said who has combination skin. I find having to use one cream for the oily part of my face and another for dry patches can be frustrating so this is wonderful. 

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask.

A detoxifying and brightening, this mask is a super powered 4-in-1 formula that tightens pores, invigorates a dull complexion and instantly boosts radiance in just 10 minutes.  Sand & Sky are a really amazing brand with some great products. Their masks are wonderful at doing multiple things in one go, perfect for people like myself who don't always have time for a 50 step skincare routine. 

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser Rose.

 I have heard of this product before but haven't been able to dive into the brand. This cleanser is supposed to be delicately scented hydrating creamy cleanser imbued with aromatic Rose, hydrating Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It works to restore the delicate pH of the skin, while effectively sweeping away dirt, surface oils and make-up.

Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum.

A powerful and lightweight serum that has been designed to intensely hydrate, plump and brighten your complexion while at the same time helping to reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Again for those with combination skin. The Serum acts in multiple ways to brighten your skin and bring it back to life. I love using this on none skincare day, it gives my face a little boost without ruining it. An all round great product.

Elemis Peptide Plumping Pillow Facial.

Elemis is a well known brand but if I am honest I have only tried one product of theirs due to the pricing. 

The overnight treatment, helps your skin stay hydrated and looking fresh throughout the evening. The sleep mask drenches the skin in moisture and helps keep the skin plump and fights the signs of dull and tired skin, which is something I really suffer with. If you're looking for something to do all the work for you and save you time then this product is really worth the money. You pop it on at night and it'll work throughout the night to give you that sparkle in the morning.

Dr Botanicals Apothecary Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask. 

I have mentioned a few overnight products and this probably is one of my favourites as it is a lightweight sleep mask that helps bring life to your skin whilst you sleep. The smooth mask is applied In a thin layer to dry skin and left to skin in, then you wash off In the morning. I initially thought it would be annoying but after a while you forget it's there, it also feels great in the morning once washed off. It is a great one for people like me who don't have time for a full face cleaning routine every single morning.

NYK1 Lash Serum.

Finally, one of my daily staples is the NYK1 Lash Serum. It is a daily favourite of mine but the reason it isn't higher on the list is because I don't use any other products from them, haven't tried them so wouldn't be able to give my opinion on them. Plus I am low on knowledge of the brand. Saying that, The Lash Serum is one of my favourites as it allows me to really care for my lashes and eye brows (hair brows as my toddler calls them). A very quick application of the serum onto lash and brows each morning completes my skincare and makes my whole face feel treated. Fab for those wanting to grow their lashes and brows. 

So that is everything in my Ultimate Skincare Guide. If you want me to try out more skincare let me know what you wanna see from me in the comments. Also if you've tried any of these products and brands let me know your opinions. xo

This post contains previously gifted items and items from paid partnerships. However, this blog is not a part of any work subjected by a brand. This is just a blog I have done out of love for these products. All my opinions are my own, please see my disclaimer for more info.


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