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Welcoming Spring with Serenata Flowers | AD

Anyone who knows me knows that I always have flowers in my home: I love it. Having flowers in my house makes me feel happy, they really brighten up the space and make it a nicer place to be. However, let's face it having fresh flowers in the house during the colder seasons is difficult. They wilt quicker and no-one wants dead flowers in their home. So you can guess how excited I am when Spring comes around and I can have fresh, beautiful smelling flowers welcoming me into my home. 

As a stay at home mom and someone who works from home, I spend a lot of time in the confinement of my house. So having it cosy, warming and bright is really important for me. Having fresh flowers around me is my favourite thing, a reminder of new beginnings. 

Spring is my favourite season because not only am I able to put the washing out on the line, have the windows open but I get to have fresh blooms giving new life. I love picking up a packet of flowers when I am at my Sunday food shop but often find it so hard to get the bouquet I want and find they don't last very long after sitting in the shop for days prior. So for my all important blooms I turn to the award winning Serenata Flowers. 

Not only am I able to have a wide range of beautiful flowers at the click of a button but I am able to treat my friends and family with bunches. They are fresh, beautiful and exactly how I want them, when I want them. 

The fresh flowers are delivered to your door when you want them and come freshly cut and organised. They haven't sat in a stuffy shop, they are as fresh as possible and ready to be sorted how you want them. Don't worry if you are't home either, with their letter box flowers that go straight through your box you'll never have to worry about saying in for your delivery. 

They don't just offer flowers and bouquets either. If you're looking for something more they offer baskets and something to cover any and all occasions. From showering your pregnant friends with lovely bouquets or honouring your loved ones with funeral arrangements. 

Serenata Flowers is dedicated to turning every day and Occassion into a special one, to bring joy and a sprinkle of love. Bringing flowers from growers and farms all over the world to give you the absolute best quality. The bouquets are handcrafted by professional florists and sent with free UK delivery so you don't have to fork out for that too.

Surprise your dad this Father's Day with a beautifully scented bouquet that will show your love and care. Book your Father's Day flower delivery early to avoid the rush. Last day for Father's Day orders is Saturday, 19th June 2021.

My Experience with Serenata Flowers:

Two weeks ago I had my Serenata Flowers arrive to my home. I was out at the time with the boys and came home to them posted through the letterbox, this worried me a tad as I assumed the flowers would have been damaged but they were fine upon opening the box. The beautifully wrapped bouquet was in a slim long cardboard box with tissue paper and gorgeous thick ribbon. 

The flowers were safe and in perfect condition in the box. As someone who loves flowers so much: I have no idea how to arrange them. This was helped by the booklets within the parcel which help you organise the flowers, look after them over the time you have them and how to refresh them.

The bouquet was really easy to assemble and I even had a few flowers left over to put into a smaller vase: meaning I had two lovely sets of flowers for my home. 

The beautiful flowers had not yet bloomed, that's how fresh they were. It took around two days for them to come into full bloom but it was so lovely to see them spring to life rather than having them already in that state like I would with a supermarket bunch. 

The flowers gave a real feel of spring to my home, the bring white alongside the sage green colour added some much joy to my home. The smell of the bunch was lovely too, having a natural scent of florals in my home was lovely after a whole six months of faux flowers and dull supermarket packets.

I was really surprised and happy with how long the flowers lasted. The bunch stayed happy for around ten days before starting to slowly wilt, even then using their information packets I was able to refresh them into a new bunch that lasted a few more days. 

The UK based brand really impressed me and now I am truly addicted to them. They are the perfect, easy and beautiful brand to trust with my precious floral habit and would be so amazing for spoiling and treating your loved ones. I have enjoyed using them so much and can't recommend them enough. For 10% off please use code: LEAH10 perfect for bringing spring into your life. 

-This post is in partnership with Serenata Flowers but all my opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer page for more information.


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  1. This is such a lovely well written blog. Really enjoyed reading it. And the flowers are amazing. Definitely will be looking into this company X


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