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Top 100 Influencers to Follow

These days anyone can be an 'influencer', which is incredible. The easy access to online social media means that practically everyone and anyone has a profile to share their unique lives. But it can be so hard to siv through all the accounts to find the ones that really fit what you want to see. It can be difficult to find accounts that speak to you and represent the life you're living or want to live. So I have done all the hard work for you. Here is a breakdown of my favourite 100 influencers that you should follow. From Beauty to Interiors: Food to Travel, I have it all covered.


Laura aka @lauraloumakeup

Laura is not only one of the most talented people on the social universe but incredibly honest and informative. If you're looking for a review of a beauty item, I can almost guarantee that she has one.

Caroline Hirons aka @carolinehirons

The ultimate beauty guru. Caroline is known to many as the godmother of the beauty industry. Her posts are in depth and trustworthy. If you're looking for all your skincare knowledge in one place then look no further. 

Betty Jane aka @whatshedidx

Betty is what you'd call a smaller influencer but in no way does this mean her feed is any less informative. With plenty of videos and posts on makeup, skincare and tutorials to give you the beauty itch. 

Pauline Briscoe aka @paulinebriscoe

For all your beauty info needs in one space. Pauline is a wonderful MUA who gifts her following with wonderful tutorials, videos and tips. 

Bryony Blake aka @bryony_blake

You may recognise this name as the MUA from This Morning. But Bryony graces social media with all her TV knowledge in the pocket size form of Instagram. With enough videos, tips and product info to shake around. A wonderful page if you're a little older or wanting help with natural looks. 

Florence aka @florencelucky

Florence is a wonderfully talented MUA based in Sweden. If you are after a bunch of creative looks to help inspire you then you must follow her. 

Jess aka @abrunetteedit

If you are new to the world of Makeup and Skincare then Jess helps breakdown everything you need to know. An informative page that will help you make all the right decisions for your skin. The 'calm amongst the chaos' as she calls it. 

Jake aka @streetsmua

Small Content Creator Jake is one to watch. I can bet he will be the next big thing with his stunning makeup looks and creativity. Holding the torch for men within the field. Let's do it for the guys. 

Kate aka @bargainbeautyhub

Bringing you affordable beauty to life. The wonderful Kate has a stunning page that helps you make the best beauty choices for you. If you aren't big on spending huge amounts of money on makeup then you'll love this. 

Jasmine aka @jasminetalksbeauty

The influencer who brings stunning photos and easy guides to skincare and beauty. If you want to gaze at beautiful photos then here we go but not only does she provide that but gives a easy way to view beauty and its applications. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Body Confidence

Lauren aka @lauren_dungey

This is one for the moms who want a little confidence boosted into their lives. Lauren is a wonderful person to have on my timeline. From fashion to motherhood, She brings a sprig of real life and honesty to a filter filled media. A breathe of fresh air.

Charl aka @gingergirlsays

Charl is the ginger goddess you need in your life. A stunning woman who brings full blown sexy body confidence to the gram. 

Jess aka @jesselleking

What can I say about Jess that will justify her wonderful feed? The internets 'big sis' who brings everything from midsize styling to self love and good vibes. If you want a loving, bright and positive soul to follow this is your girl.

Hope aka @hopeellenxx

Hope is a gorgeous, happy person who brings a whole lot of positive vibes to your timeline. All things bright fashion and loving yourself.

Holly aka @hollybobbs

The gorgeous Holly has a fantastic feed full of bright colours and smiles. But what I love the most is her amazing reels about loving yourself and all the happy vibes you need in your life.

Jaimmy aka @jaimmykoroma

Self love, self care and body confidence. The happy and fun loving Jaimmy is a wonderful soul to have on my timeline. She brings love and pure joy to everything she posts.

Tamzin aka @taaambam

The self confessed 'Happily Fat' self love queen. Tamzin has the most incredible style, confidence and photos. She is a pleasure to follow and a joy to have on my timeline.

Georgia aka @lifeinthefashlane

Georgia is one of my favourite fashion bloggers because her style is more suited to a body shape similar to mine. The fashion blogging industry is becoming a great space, not like modern media, for those who don't conform to the 'normal' body size. Georgia shows how you can dress and style outfits whilst looking amazing in a curvier frame. 

Sam aka @fattyboomtatty 

Sam is a wonderfully happy mother who brings everything from stunning food to bright fashion to your feed. She is raw, honest and a wonder to follow.

Abbie aka @dream0graphy

If you are a bigger person looking for a fashion icon to follow, then Abbie is the girl for you. Who said big girls can't be fashionable? Her style is one to drool over.


Moon aka @thestylecount

Birmingham based style account @thestylecount is a wonderful feed full of bright outfits to keeep you inspired and full of ideas. From staying cosy indoors to getting dressed up.

Ella aka @Ellavictoriablogs

NEUTRALS NEUTRALS. The queen of reels and neutrals. Ella is one of the nicest people you will meet in the industry. Not only does she have the most incredible fashion but her reels are very informative to those unsure of how to dress for occassions and work. She has rocketed from 5k to 30k in a matter of weeks, check out her feed to see why.

Katie Peake aka @_katiepeake

One of my favourite accounts for fashion. The most beautiful outfits that make you want to go shopping and buy all the neutrals. If you struggle to style outfits together then her page has wonderful reels to help you do so. 

Clara aka @rollinfunky

Bringing fashion into the world of accessibility. Clara has a fun and bright feed that shows having a disability will never hold you back from being authentically you. I am in awe of her fashion as it is bright and beautiful. With stunning lingerie sets to make you swoon.

Lauren Rosenbaum aka @laurrenrosenbaum

Second hand, charity shops and restyling. If you love wearing the current trends but want them at a smaller price and less damaging to the enviroment then Lauren is the girl for you. She styles wonderful colourful clothing by thrifting and finding deals online.

Shannon aka @shannonpursey

Giving you the best retro vibes. Shannon is a lovely, beautiful woman who brings vintage patterns and styles into the modern age. 

Hannah aka @hannah_briggs

This midsize beauty shows you how to wear beautiful clothing and the confidence that comes with it. From colourful suits to floral dresses. A wonderful of wardrobe that would make anyone jealous.

Luke Heywood aka @lukeheywoodstyle

Mens fashion will never seem boring again. Luke has the BEST mens style out there. From colourful suits to editorial fashion. He has it all covered. 

Madeleine aka @maddiemae_xo

The happiest soul on the planet. Her gorgeous colourful fashion will have you swooning. Madeleine shares her life through her beautiful feed. 

Francesca aka @francescaperks

Okay, well if you aren't following Fran. Get out. She is the queen of honesty, self love and basically being a Bad B. Her stunning edits and wonderful bright fashion will have you head over heels. Who said plus size fashion had to be boring. 


Laura aka @laura.elizabeth_

This lady literally has me swooning over her stunning home every time I come across her feed. Teamed with her family life, it is a stunning feed to follow.

Anna aka @madeupstyle

For all the DIY hacks and help you will ever need. This feed will get you redecorating your whole house in no time.

Lydia aka @lydiadingahome

I am obsessed with watching the home grow. It is a wonderful account that allows you to come along with the process of a renovation. OBSESSED.

Kirsty aka @labelsforlunch

If i was allowed I would decorate my home like this. For your bright, floral home fantasy dreams you need to follow her. So beautiful, you'll be jealous. I promise.

Charlotte aka @wiltshirewonderland

Your pastel home dreams have come true. For the most incredible home that will ruin your bank balance.

Jenny aka @wallflower_cottage

The most wonderful cottage you ever did see. I am so obsessed with this home it is unreal. From stunning kids rooms to peonie filled kitchen spaces.

Jenny aka @jenshomejournal

The do-it-yourself queen herself. I have learnt so much from this account. From styling your home, to colour blocking to vinyl styles. If you're looking to do your home on a low budget this is one to give a follow.

Charley aka @thisgirldiys

This transformation queen will get you upcycling everything you own. A gorgeous home with wonderful ideas and videos to help you along.

Nadine aka @broadleafclose

Expecting Mother to be Nadine has the most amazing home. Nursery's to hurt your bank balance and the most stunning style.

Sophie aka @at_home_with_the_ryans

The neutral home of dreams. i am so in love with this home. It is so so beautiful.


Gemma aka @gemma_mccorkell

A bright, stunning and honest look into family life.With wonderful reels to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Charlotte aka @simpy.together

Slow-living and vegan life. Charlotte and her gorgeous family share their life through lovely photography. From food, to ethical living to days out as a family. This family shows the most amazing life and it is so wholesome and warming to follow. 

Maria aka @ourspanglishfamily

Maria is one of the kindest people on this small patch of Instagram. She shares her highs and lows of being a parent through her incredible creative photography. With a mix of Spanish and English living all balled up into one stunning mix. 

Lydia aka @liddierowl

Who said kids clothing had to be boring? Lydia brings happiness and colour to an otherwise boring platform. She creates the cutest and creative images of her children filled with bright joy.

Marlenka aka @lefranks

A wonderful and stunning look into motherhood. With fashion and a gorgeous home thrown into the mix, Marlenka's feed is one to swoon over.

Zoe aka @the_warrilows

Expecting Mother of three, Zoe's feed is not only stunning but a pleasure to follow. From wonderful photography to loving stories.

The Mustis aka @themustidiary

The family account that you should all be following. With everything from food, to renovations to wholesome family life.

Lola aka @lolaahmadu

Lola and her family are a pleasure to follow on the gram. With the BEST reels that help you pick the best days out.

Rosie aka @arosieoutlook

A beautiful look into honest motherhood. Rosie and her loving family share their life on the gram, from stunning photos of days out to food. Everything you could want from a family account.

Nilly aka @nillydahlia

Open and honest Mother Nilly shares her wonderful family life on the gram. From days out to family fun at home. One to follow and enjoy.


Beth aka @bethsandland

I have followed Beth for a really long time and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow over the years. She is now a wonderful mother to her gorgeous baby boy. If you are after loving and joyous content then hop on over to her feed. 

Ndey aka @mrsmakuwere

From food to education to home and family, Ndey's feed is one to be watched. This feed is very special as she encourages mothers to open up about honest parenting. I love the simple and gorgeous imagery that feels so wholesome as a parent.

Carys Whittaker aka @busybee.carys

I have followed Carys since my Gym days at University. I feel like her feed has grown with me over the years. She is no a mother of a gorgeous little girl. For honest chats about bodies after babies, life and breastfeeding then she is the account for you.

Caitylis aka @caitylis 

The most amazing honest parent who shares the highs and lows of family living. She talks about really sensitive issues that bring them into the light and much needed attention. She is currently renovating her second home which is so wonderful to watch.

Alexis Adjei aka @alexis_adjei

Food, Faith, Fashion and Family life. This feed is one filled with everything you'll ever need. The most beautiful photos and reels to keep you smiling.

Phoebs aka @sweetpblog

If you are into beautiful home and neutral fashion then this is the feed for you. The most gorgeous photos and wholesome living. 

Violet aka @violetglenton

My favourite person ever. If I could hire Violet to bake me cakes and donuts all day long I would. Her feed is full of happiness, honesty and gorgeous slow living. 

Leonie aka @mrsleonieholland

For midsize fashion and lifestyle, Leonie brings the most beautiful of things to life. I am really enjoyed watching her journey in motherhood and pregnancy. For wholesome content and relatable living.

Victoria aka @doorwaysanddresses 

If you are looking for a beautiful feed with the most incredible photos, then this is a feed to follow. Victoria shares her life in the most wonderful way possible. One to watch.

Katie aka @thekatieedit_

Micro blogger Katie is one of those feeds that gives you happiness and all the smiles. I love her feed so much.


Emma Victoria Stokes aka @emmavictoriastokes

The wonderful Emma has the most wholesome family and food content out there. As someone who is from her hometown of Birmingham, I find her feed extremely informative. If I am ever hungry I go over to her feed for those recommendations. 

Nancy aka @fitsoulkitchen

If you're running out of food to cook then head over to Nancy's feed for all the inspiration you'll ever need. The best fresh and stunning food you ever did see.

Ollie aka @ollie_eats

Home cooking inspo, Restaurant's and Product reviews. Ollie's feed is full of the most beautiful, drool worthy food you will ever see. For meat lovers everywhere.

Shia aka @thephysiquefoodie

This is a great one for those who love to train, go to the gym and still want to eat flavourful and happy food. Bringing the best of both worlds together in one space.

Fariha aka @dinewithfari

Meat, Veggie and vegan dishes that will make you constantly hungry. Fariha's feed brings everything from eating out to eating in together. For those in the London area, following is a must. 

Amy aka @bababouttown

Amy is the colourful queen of the gram. With exclusive food reviews with the best venues in the midlands. She is one to head over to if you're looking for somewhere to eat. Her feed is so bright and happy too.

Yash aka @acookingexperiment

If you're looking for a feed to follow that gives you all the food happiness then Yash's feed is one for you. With stunning food and amazing reel reviews, one to watch.

Willy aka @whatwillycook

The best reels and ridiculous food reviews you ever did see. This amazing feed combines food and even more food. THE BEST.

Laura aka @biteyourbrum

If you're looking for a good old food tour of the midlands then this is the account to head to. 

Aminah aka @bitesandbakess

From cooking to baking to the best food reviews. This feed is full all your foodie dreams.


Cathryn Wood aka @littlepaperswan

Cathryn is the Queen of Instagram. Her wonderful feed brings pastel and floral happiness with her life as a mother of two beautiful girls and one cute kitten. Here you'll find fantastic tips and tricks on how to improve your photos and her videos are simply stunning. Her presets are also some of the best in the industry. 

Amy Jane aka @heyamyjane

Amy Jane is a wonderful Travel and Lifestyle Blogger who has made it into the Photography category due to her gorgeous photos. Not only will she give you the travel bug but make you want to pick up the camera whilst doing so. 

Lee aka @daddownload

Doing it for the dads here. Lee is not only one of the nicest people on the internet but the most creative. Lee and his Wife are the most talented visual photographers, videographers and photoshop wizards on the web. If you're after fun, beautiful and hilarious family content you need to follow this account.

Katy aka @misskatyenglish

Katy is the Photoshop Witch of the internet. I am in awe of her skills. She brings the most magical and happy scenarios to life. 

Kaye Ford aka @fordtography

Kaye doesn't know this yet but in my mind she is already booked for my future wedding (I am not even engaged). The most beautiful, happy content that will blow your mind. From Weddings, to self portraits: Kaye will want you to grab your camera or book her.

Samio aka @samiorenelda

The queen of self portraits herself. Samio has the most incredible feed that helps ordinary people up their photography game. She is truly so beautiful and her reels are creative and a joy to watch.

Lauren aka @enchanted_noir

The artistic brilliance that goes into Lauren's feed is outstanding. Bridgerton meets Little Women. The most beautiful cottage core content out there. 

Sarah Ellen aka @sarahellen_photography

Sarah is not only a joy to watch on Instagram but is a very talented young lady. Her Fashion week content every year has me swooning and wanting to somehow become a model. The most inventive content.

Chanel aka @shotbychanel

For all things Fashion, Portraits and Influencers. Chanel takes the most amazing photos of people in the most outstanding places. 

Sophie aka @sophiemortphotography

The most incredible wedding photos that will have you swooping.

Mental Health & Disability

Libby aka @libbbroomhall

Mental health and self love advocate Libby is a wonderful, positive soul who brings a smile to my face.

Katie aka @make_love_not_diets 

The young Katie is the happy, positive, loving vibe you need on your feed. She helps to break down the horrific world that is diet culture. Helping to love yourself and although she should be in the body confidence category i feel she does so much for those struggling with bad mental health and body issues.

Jade aka @itsjademarie  

'Tea drinking bookworm' Jade is the mental health, autism and ADHD blogger you need in your life. A wonderful advocate and her feed is so happy.

Emma aka @simplyemmablog

Emma is a disability blogger who who talks about disability, accessibility and travelling. A wonderful feed to be watching from all points of life. Brining much needed reviews from her perspective but also shedding light to those who are unaware.

Elinor Brown aka @ellellell_brown

Elinor is a micro blogger who talks about CFS, anxiety and depression. She is also a Chronic Illness Youtuber, bringing a wonderful dose of diversity. She also has the most amazing fashion.

Courtney aka @courtzmelv

Talking everything from Chronic Illness, Mental health, disability and single parenting. She is a wonder to follow and an inspiration to us all. Her reels are so informative and her feed is a joy to look at.

Zoe aka @a_littlebitoflife 

Life with FOP, Zoƫ's feed is so so stunning. From the most incredible photos to her little home life. A breath of fresh air. So beautiful.

Gem Turner aka @gem_turner

Positivity, inclusion and sarcasm. I love Gem's feed. She brings so much happiness and humour to the gram. The most amazing reels and someone to follow if you want more giggles.

Liv aka @selfloveliv

Liv is the best friend everyone needs in their life. She is a wonderful soul who brings nothing but honesty and raw life to her feed. She treats her followers like family and is simply a lovely soul to see online: amongst all the fakes and filters. From the little things like talking about her day to talking about triggering subjects (that need to be spoken about more). She makes you feel like you're not alone and needs to be protected at all costs. 

Iris aka @irisbrannan_

Student mental health nurse who encourages good mental wellbeing and empowers women. A wonderful feed to follow.


Nicole aka @nicolenavigates

If you're from Northamptonshire or looking to visit then pop over to Nicole's page. She covers everything from the local food to days out. Staycations are on the up and trust me you'll want one after visiting her page.

Kirsty aka @kirstyleannetravels

If you're looking for a beautiful and unique outlook on travelling then Kirsty's account is for you. The plus size travel queen will help you have a comfortable and enjoyable travelling experience: plus her tik tok is one to be following if you're getting travel hungry.

Harriet aka @hxrrietday

You may look at the wonderful Harriet's page and wonder why I have put her under the travel bloggers. But not only has she got amazing fashion and lifestyle content but her highlights are full of the most amazing travel content. If you're looking at jetting off soon and want some inspo then this is the page to hit up.

Illyana aka @illyanalondon

Illyana is a London based fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger who: not only has the most AMAZING content but has copious amounts of highlights from her travel adventures. Now that travel bans are starting to lift I am awaiting more adventurous, breathtaking photos from her. 

Natalie aka @wherenatwent 

Staycations in the UK will probably be more popular than going abroad this summer and if you're one for high hills and landscapes then Natalie's page is one for you. She has a range of amazing highlights from travelling all over the world, but recently has shared her travels from around Yorkshire. I love her content and she gives a great insight into countryside life. 

Nadia aka @scandimummy

Travelling with kids can seem like a really daunting task and trust me from my experiences, it isn't all that easy. But with Nadia and her amazing family travel content: you'll be wanting to be whisked away soon. 

Bex aka @mummyadventure

Another one to add to your follow list if you're wanting to travel with kids. From Disney to Skiing. This beautiful mother has you covered with all the amazing travel family content you could need. An account to bring you the gorgeous realities of still being able to travel but with kids. 

Tamzin aka @tmznn

Tazmin is by far one of my favourite travel accounts, even making me want to travel to her home town of Newcastle. If you like Food, Dogs, Traveling and gorgeous photos then you need to go and follow this account. I mean I sold you at food and dogs right?

Roxanne aka @roamingroxanne 

If you love travel and also want to make it as a travel blogger then Roxanne is the number one on your follow list. Not only does she create the most beautiful content and videos: but she has amazing reels on how you can make Traveling your career, best photo spots around the world and How to improve your photos. 

Tessa aka @tessaholly

Ethical Fashion and Travel Blogger Tessa brings to beauty of travelling to life with her stunning feed. Her blog is filled with Travel tips and places to visit: whilst bringing Ethical Travelling to light. 


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